Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300 600 900DPI Mobile Scanner Review

The Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI Mobile Scanner is designed to scan pictures, books, and other documents up to A4 size. This product is the solution for someone looking for a take along scanner which requires no cords to do its work.

When you have scanned your documents, you can move them over to your computer using a USB cable; it is included. It also supports micro SD/TF cards with capacities of up to 32 Gigabytes. The card is not included. Since the scanner does not require to be connected to a computer for it to work, you will not need to install any drivers.

TheAmzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI Mobile Scanner is compatible with the Windows Vista/7/XP and the Apple OS10.4 or above operating systems. When you buy this scanner, you get complementary OCR Software that will help you to convert images to other formats including Word.

What makes this a great scanner to travel with is that it is lightweight, coming at just 13.8 ounces before you get the batteries inside the machine. Even though the machine is lightweight, it is well made and has a solid feel. The manufacturers just seem to have got is wrong with the battery compartment door which does not slide off smoothly.


Some of the features of this product include the following.

  • Equipped with Low DPI for scanning black and white images and high DPI for scanning color pictures
  • Built in A4 color image sensor
  • Canning speeds at color high resolution 13 seconds, color low resolution 3 seconds, mono high resolution 6 seconds and mono low resolution 2 seconds
  • Power supplied by two AA batteries
  • External memory ranges from 1 to 32 GB
  • The package includes the scanner, a USB cable, a cloth bag, a user manual, one CD, and a cleaning cloth
  • Product dimensions are 12.2 x 5.5 x 2 inches


  • The fact that the scanner is cordless means that you can take it anywhere without drama
  • Comes with a USB cable included for downloading scanned documents onto your computer
  • The machine is easy to use as you will not need any drivers, all you just need is to do is to power it and select the format and then select the required resolution
  • Compact while at the same time durable
  • Comes with Screenshot Reader
  • The operator manual makes using the scanner a breeze


  • Difficult to move the scanner at the right speed and still keep it steady
  • Cloth carry case is nit strong enough


The Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI Mobile Scanner is a good scan for someone who does not need a machine for a smooth scan but rather documents where appearance is not as important as the information. This is truly a lightweight scanner weighing 13.8 ounces.

Even though its LCD screen is small, it is pretty clear. To operate the machine you will need an SD card but you should know that it is not included so you will need to buy one. Also, remember to get 2 AA batteries to run your machine, they are also not included.

Even though the machine does not produce the best images you will ever see, they still come out looking fairly good. The color presentation and density are also fair. It comes with free ABBYY Screenshot Reader Software contained in a CD.

This software allows you to take any images you scan and turn them into editable formats. One of the things that you will be loved by many with this scanner is that it comes with a carry bag even though it does not look that durable.


We checked out the market to see if there are any products in the same class with the Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI Mobile Scanner that we could compare to and we identified the Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner. When you compare the two you will see that the Brother DS-620 comes more expensive but it also looks nicer.

Look at its dimensions and you will also notice that it is much smaller. For a portable product, the smaller the better. It requires no wall outlet as it is powered using the USB cable included. It also moves with fast speed. If you have a deeper pocket, you will certainly do yourself a favor if you do with the Brother DS-620.

Another product in the same class is the Epson WorkForce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner. Many people will feel comfortable buying this one because it is manufactured by a company that has become well known when it comes to manufacturing these types of products. Compared to the Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI this one costs about twice as more.

However, you are getting what you pay for such as the ability to scan directly to the cloud. It is also compatible with the main operating systems such as Windows XP, XP Professional, Vista, and Mac OS. It also allows you to search and edit any scanned test and create PDFs and PDF/A.


After comparing the Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI Mobile Scanner with other products in the same class, we think that it is designed for someone who wants a portable scanner but working on a budget. If you look at the product, however, you will agree with us that it is great value for the money.

It comes with a number of extras including a cloth bag, a USB cable, a cleaning cloth, and a CD. Even though operating the machine is pretty straightforward, a user manual is included.

When we compared the scanner to the more expensive ones in the market, we could not easily justify why the others cost almost double the price as this Amzdeal Skypix TSN410 300/600/900DPI seems to do the job quite well.

However, if the quality of the image produced is of the essence, this may not be the best machine for you. It is a machine that will work better for those who want are concerned more about the information on a document they scan than how it looks.

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