All About Preserving, Restoring and Making Copies of Old Photographs

Do you have a pile of photo albums at home? Most probably. Some may contain your childhood photos, while some may store those of your grandparents. While it is nice to keep those photo albums, such old stuff may be hard to maintain. Over time, your grandparents’ photos and even yours may have faded and lost their original look.

As someone who values memories, you may want to preserve your albums or try making copies of old photographs. Here, you will learn how to properly take care of physical photos and the benefits of digitally restoring them.

How do Keep Old Photos Looking Good?

From marking the photos to choosing a storage area, you need to observe extra care to prevent damage and other adverse happenings. Below are the things you should remember when it comes to maintaining and handling photos:

  • Avoid light exposure.

As much as possible, do not expose photos to light. Overexposure lead to fading. If you want to display your photos, make sure to do it with high-quality copies.

  • Opt for a safe workspace.

Obviously, you should keep your photos away from food and drinks. You should also use cotton gloves while working on your project to protect your photos from your hands’ natural oils. Avoid anything that could cause accidents and damage your photos.

  • Avoid using pen when writing on photos.

Sure, you may want to write some details at the back of your photos: dates, names, locations, etc. But know that you cannot just use any writing material. You may use a pencil but not a pen. Or you may opt to use an enclosure that allows you to put labels on a card instead of directly writing on the photo.

  • Avoid using certain supplies that may deform your photos.

Working on a project or simply organizing your collection? Although tempting, you should avoid using paper clips, adhesive, rubber bands, tape, and other common supplies. Doing so may bend your photos or leave permanents marks.

  • Digitize your photos.

You want to take care of your photos to preserve them, right? Well, the best way to do it is by digitizing them. Scan your photos using physical scanners or photo scanning apps or simply capture them using a digital camera.

Once you have created digital files, make several copies of your photos and store them in different locations like a flash drive, hard drive, or an online photo service.

What are the Benefits of Digitally Preserving and Restoring Photographs?

As mentioned above, digitizing your photos is the best way to preserve them. In doing so, you get to create a soft copy that you can reproduce from time and again. Below are some important benefits of photo digitization:

  • It secures your photos particularly the original pieces.

In restoring your old photos, you are able to save original copies. Photo restoration makes it possible for you to preserve some copies, so you can still enjoy looking through them and do some projects using your good old memories.

  • It improves the quality of your photos.

You may opt to avail professional photo restoration service. In doing so, you don’t just preserve your photos but improve their quality as well. Availing the service protects your photos and prevents further damage; thus, extending their life.

  • It can improve your photos’ overall appearance.

With photo restoration, you can eliminate the scratches, tears, folds, fading, and other adverse changes that occurred over time. You can also add color or even transform your photos into full color. In doing so, you get to have copies with improved overall look.

  • It allows you to do various modifications.

In relation to the previous item, digitally restoring your photos allow you to make various changes. You may crop your photos alongside improving their colors. If you have other concerns, you may be able to address them and make some changes with your photos according to them.

  • It makes sharing easier.

Because you already have a digital copy, you can share your photos to anyone wherever you are and whenever you feel like doing it. You can post them on your social media accounts or send them to your loved ones via chat, e-mail, and a lot more options.

What are Important Things to Do When Planning to Preserve Old Photos?

The truth is planning to preserve your photos can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can benefit a lot from doing it. Below are some tips you should follow when preserving your old photos:

  • Set a realistic goal.

While you may want to do everything right away, you should take time to set an attainable goal. Do you have thousands of photos to restore? You may first aim so scan and protect 50 pieces in a span of one month. Apparently, you have lots of other things to do; therefore, it pays to set a reachable goal.

  • Do it now.

As mentioned earlier, photo preservation and restoration can indeed be overwhelming. And what is so tempting to do when one gets overwhelmed? Procrastinate. If you want to succeed with your photograph project, you need to start now.

  • Pick the most important photos.

You cannot put the same amount of effort or invest the same amount of time in all your photos. There are some that are more valuable than the others. While you can preserve and restore everything, you should also set your priorities. Give more time and effort to the photos that are on top of your priority list.

  • Opt for digitization.

As you may know, the best way to preserve old photos is through the use of various technology tools. You may capture them using your digital camera or scan them using a physical scanner or a photo scanning app. After doing any of these, make sure to save a number of copies.

However, you should observe extra care when relying on technology. Apparently, it progresses so fast. The best storage method today may already obsolete in just a few years.


Securing and making copies of old photographs is a challenging task that is likewise very important. When planning to do it, you should identify your priorities and set attainable goals. Doing so will enable you to come up with positive results.

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