Avision IS15+ Portable Scanner Review

Over the years, the humble scanner underwent some serious upgrades both in terms of hardware and firmware. This not only resulted in the enhancement of performance by the scanners but also aided the industries to come up with more portable variations of document scanners.

The days of owning a massive flatbed that usually took over the available area on the desktop. On top of that, the overall quality of the reproduced image was too inferior for any use.

These days, one can get high-quality scans on the go. The advent of portable document scanners that don’t need any form of a computer interface for the proper execution of scanning operations made the scanning of documents an interesting activity.

These scanners are portable and compact enough to be carried around in backpacks that make it an ideal piece of equipment for the person that is always on the go.

The Avision IS15+ is a portable document and image scanner that operates in a wireless interface and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can last for about 200 pages of scanning operations.

The scanner is equipped with various means of connectivity for storage operations and is capable of saving the scanned image in various popular extensions like JPEG, TIFF and PDF formats.


The portable scanner offered from Avision allows the user to scan/save images and documents on the go. The best part is that it doesn’t need any computer interface for the execution of scanning operations.

Some of the features of the wireless document scanner are discussed below:

Compact and mobile design

The overall design and idea behind the development of this particular scanner are that it prioritizes the person who leads a mobile life. The way people look at scanners and scanning of documents is being reinvented by Avision IS15+ document scanner.

The overall design and compact size of the scanner make it really easy for packing the same in a backpack and taking it wherever the user wants.

Pre-loaded image processing

The scanner is equipped with functionalities that allow the user to benefit from advanced auto-cropping and deskew features.

Multi storage compatibility

The scanned files can be stored directly in a USB flash drive or in an SDHC/SD card. This allows the user to have the convenience of choosing from multiple storage media as per convenience.


The overall weight factor of the scanner plays a huge role in making the said item an appealing one among the potential customers. The overall light construction of the document scanner promotes extreme portability.

Performance oriented specifications

The IS15+ portable document scanner from Avision is capable of reproducing scanned documents with a resolution of 300DPI.


The wireless document scanner is capable of scanning business cards, photos, memos up to 5 x 7 in width and height.

Fast operation

The scanner is capable of scanning a 5×7 photograph in 10 seconds all the while maintaining a resolution of 300DPI.

User friendly

The overall operation of the scanner can be carried out without the installation of operational driver software in the computer.

Wireless transfer of data

The scanner is equipped with Wi-Fi technology that allows the user to wirelessly transfer all of their scanned documents to their workstations, cellular devices or tablets in popular formats like PDF, TIFF etc.

The firmware of the scanner is loaded with advanced algorithms integrated with advanced OCR technology. This allows the scanner to make a digital copy of printed documents such as books and represent the same in digitally readable forms.

Advanced ADF feature

The Automatic Document Feeder or ADF for short allows the scanner to carry out the scanning operations with minimal user intervention. All the documents are automatically fed in to the scanner and in the case of double-sided documents simply flipping the stack results in restarting the whole operation.


  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
  • Wireless transfer of documents via Wi-Fi
  • Automatic document feeding mechanism
  • Compatible with multiple storage mediums
  • Installation of driver and companion software is not required
  • Capable scanning 5×7 document at 300DPI under 10 secs
  • OCR technology for scanning of text materials


  • Scan quality and image reproduction is moderate
  • Incapable of scanning multiple documents at a single stretch

How does the product serve your needs?

The overall compact, sleek and stylish design of the scanner appeals to the on the go entrepreneur. The Unique Selling point of the scanner is its overall user-friendly operation and portability factor.

Removal of a computer interface and running the scanning operation with the help of a rechargeable battery pack makes this portable scanner appealing enough to attract the customers.

The scanned documents can be stored directly on USB flash drives or SDHC memory cards can be connected to the scanner directly via the onboard ports. On top of that, what really adds to the appeal for this product is the integration of wireless technology within the hardware of the same. Scanned documents can also be transferred to cellular or mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

How is the product different from the others?

If a comparison is made between this product and that of the one offered from ClearClick, the first trait that would come into the limelight is the cost of the latter. ClearClick portable wireless document scanner has all the benefits and functionalities of the one offered from Avision.

In terms of affordability factor of a wireless scanner, Avision steals the show. Sure this one lacks a preview screen and can’t reproduce images in 1200DPIs but it’s exactly providing what a customer has paid for.

In contrast to its competing products, the document scanner from Avision is cheap and provides great value for money.The advanced OCR technology that is integrated into the firmware of the scanner allows the same to scan texts from printed materials like books.


If the life on the go is the mantra for an individual then this particular gadget can work wonders that would aid in document scanning and store the same wirelessly. The ease of operation that involves zero installation of driver and accessory applications combined with auto feeding mechanism for documents allows the user to enjoy scanning operations on the move in the Avision IS15+ is a portable document and image scanner.

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