Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner Review

With the advancements we made in the field of science and technology, computers and related peripherals not only made our life easy but also more organized. Previously if someone was working from home or simply an employee of a firm, huge stacks of paperwork and documents would build up in their desks.

This was due to the fact that everything back then was analogwhich often resulted in misplaced or destroyed paperwork. Digital Scanners provides the user with the safety and security for their paperwork by storing the same in digital form. These gadgets act as a digital filing system that can assort and import the documents directly to the computer.

Brother International Corporation, the US division of Japan-based Brother Industries Ltd came out with their recent range of color desktop scanners. They provide the users with an array of features that includes high operational speed, superior build quality and high resolution scans.

Their latest addition to their array of products is the ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking. Below we take a look at its features and the advantages as well as the disadvantages it comes with.


Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking is reliable, durable and easy to set up. This product is easy to maintain and when matched with the customer support offered by the company, it is sure to grab the customer’s attention.

Innovative technology

The scanner can scan documents on both sides in both color and monochrome in a single go. When compared to other scanners, this product offers a faster output of about 16 pages per minute. It comes pre-equipped with wireless network connectivity, and a touch panel display with a user friendly interface.

Compatibility with Different OS

The scanner is made compatible with all leading operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, etc. The product comes equipped with valuable scanning software and document editing suites

Versatility to scan different kinds of documents

The scanner not only scans paper documents but also plastic embossed I.D. cards, receipts, photos etc. The maximum size of the document that it can scan is 34 inches in length that is easily fed to the machine via an automatic feeder.

Portability facilitates easy to carry

The Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking requires a connection to a wireless network. The connection can also be to a computer via USB interface.

The compact design of the product should not fool the eyes of the buyer as it houses features like removal of blank page, auto rotation of image and removal of background. The portable design of the product makes it ideal for those who are opting for a fully functional yet compact scanner.

Advanced User Interface

The Brother ADS-1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner comes equipped with an advanced user interface. This enables the user to go through the contents of the USB drive giving the benefit of continuing the workflow without even attaching the scanner to a computer.

Connection can also be made via bluetooth to your cellphone using the Brother iPrint & app. This enables the user to scan a file, email, or image directly from their phones.


  • Basic image editing software is incorporated in the user friendly interface of the touch display
  • Image straightening and luminosity of the image can be altered with after the scanning is done
  • Can scan the document in both color and monochrome variations
  • Helps in managing documents directly in the flash drive connected to the scanner without using the interface of a computer
  • The scanned file is directly and automatically saved in the formats of Microsoft office and Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Scanning, converting, organizing, repurposing of email, OCR, or searchable PDF files in the computer


  • Build quality is good but the plastic is flimsy that results in breakage due to improper handling
  • A little hectic to setup using wireless network
  • Overall performance and output of the product could have been better

How does this product serve your needs?

After going through the features, pros and cons of the product this can be said with ease that this is an innovative product. Brother Industries Ltd. has incorporated technology & innovation combined with a user friendly interface that facilitates hassle free operation.

The portable design of the product eliminates the excess amount of space required for conventional scanners. The unique auto feeding mechanism of documents removes the hassle of inserting the same manually.

While scanning a two sided document, the scanner flips the same automatically without the user interfering in the process. The basic image editing functions provided to the user via the easy to use interface of the touch panel adds up to the appeal of the product.

The flexibility of the scanner to scan documents in both color and monochrome is also an added benefit.

How the product is better compared to other competitors?

When compared to other products from the competitors of the company, such as Xerox DocuMate 3120 Duplex Color Scanner, or that of Doxie Q – wireless rechargeable document scanner, the benefit of this scanner from Brother Industries Ltd. is the pocket friendly price.

Even though the price of the product is low, the features provided by the same are similar to that of products in the higher price range. The auto feeding and flipping of the document while scanning operations is offered only in premium products.

These features are being provided by this product at a pocket friendly price which adds up as a unique selling point for the same.


The features like connecting the scanner via your Smartphone, auto flipping and feeding mechanism of the document while scanning and providing the user with outputs in both color and monochrome mode is common in scanners these days.

But all of the above comes at a very high price. Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner offers all of the modern amenities in a very affordable range. The unmatched after sales service provided by the company combined with their 24×7 support line is what truly makes this product unique and worthy of purchase.

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