Canon 4508B002 CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner Review

Scanners do a great job when it comes to replicating images from printed material into digitized form. If you are looking for one, it is always a good move to invest in a worthy unit. A flatbed scanner will be capable of dealing with a good range of scanning jobs you are after.

In case you want a good product and need to be sure that the unit you are going to end up with is worth your money, reviews are a good reference to streamline your choices. Let us begin with a review of the Canon 4508B002 CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner.


  • Has Auto Scan Mode which modifies settings by distinguishing the scans
  • Capable of high-speed color scanning within 10 seconds
  • Only needs one USB cable for power and data
  • Includes high-tech Z-lid expansion top for handling bigger items
  • 4800 DPI x 4800 DPI


The LiDE in the CanoScan name stands for LED inDirect Exposure and this particular feature resulted into a more portable, sleek and good-looking device. Combining the efficiency of a CIS scan head (contact image sensor) and LED instead of standard cathode illumination was instrumental in making the device a handy one that can be easily moved around and stored.

The scanner has a lid with a silver hinge that lets users scan single documents and books. Positioned in the front are 5 buttons and at the rear is a small USB socket. It also comes with fittings for a clip-on stand on the left part.

The device is powered by means of the USB cable and users should plug it in, in order to begin the scanning process. Be certain though that you have disengaged the scan head by means of the slide switch beneath which remains on standby until it is requested to start the scans.

The unit has a great design and it provides 3 standard scanning options. Auto Scan allows users to scan by design and the results are displayed through a thumbnail. The Basic Mode allows users to choose a destination—print or screen.

However, keep in mind that the majority of options are set to auto. Meanwhile, the Advanced Mode lets users lay down resolutions and choose on treatments from dust removal down to de-screening options.

The scanning options accommodate fast scans of documents, prints, and images for photo edits in 3rd party editing programs. It can work by means of a TWAIN link to a document editor as well and users can utilize any of the 5 buttons located up front to carry out single-touch scans.

When it comes to the speed of the scans, the device performed well. It can finish within 10 seconds a whole A4 page at 200 DPI. For a document that involves optical character recognition by means of a 300 DPI scan, it can take up to 17 seconds.

Full-color, 600 DPI scans can take up to 18 seconds. In terms of image quality, it provides decent images for its price. The colors are reasonable and while the device does not have any screen calibration program included, users can still tweak the contrast, hue lightness saturation and brightness of an image by means of sliders.

For cleaning up images, users can choose to de-screen which can take away the grainy quality from scanned prints, plus remove scratches and dust. Meanwhile, the OCR that is integrated into the MP Navigator of the brand’s EX software is good for pages making use of standard fonts. It can operate fast to extricate workable texts.

The OCR feature that comes with the unit and its capability to scan straight to PDF files makes for a good scanner for home use. It was able to perceive a variety of fonts without any errors. While it only scans pages one by one, it still allows users to scan several pages into one searchable PDF document.

Another advantage of the model is that it meets the requirements for PCMag’s GreenTech-Approved guarantee. It passes Energy Star standards and is RoHS-compliant as well. It utilizes LED light resources that are free from harmful substances like lead and it comes with a feature that instantly turns on the device in order to save energy.

Getting its power from a USB cable does not require lots of power as well; hence, this qualifies as a “green” product. Furthermore, when the scanner has used up its lifespan, the company has a recycling program for it too in place of the product. For environment and energy-conscious folks, this is the scanner for you.


It was mentioned that the CanoScan LiDE210 has de-screening options which can take away imperfections on a printed photo. However, it’s not always successful. The older images tested displayed a few marks and scratches following a scan. However, there were also minor flaws and spots that were taken away or were minimized to a degree.

Another bad thing about the device is that it cannot be depended on doing heavier, office work. This is perfect for light duty use at home though. Lastly, the bundled software lacked in terms of features. More points could have been given if the software laid out more options for editing.


The Canon 4508B002 CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner is a good scanner if you need something to work with at home like for crafting, hobbies, archiving and other related activities.

It has a portable, sleek design and it comes with user-friendly buttons and excellently-constructed support software which gives a nice setup for digitizing image prints, document archiving and OCR purposes. It is capable of creating PDF files with a good number of pages. In case you have a smaller space to work on at home, the unit can be flipped on its side too. It will guarantee lots of effective scanning for home use.

However, if you need something that can tackle heavier output, you have to look for another scanner. This unit is only meant for lighter projects, but if you want something that can manage your hobbies or any scanning job every once in a while, this affordable model is worth the buy.

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