Canon imageFormula DR-C225 Document Scanner Review

Performing day to day operations at office is facilitated by various tools and electronic machines. These not only let you stay connected but also make sure that all the operations are carried out smoothly. Printers, stationeries, internet, scanners and number of such elements complete the office infrastructure.

Document scanners are probably one of the most important machines that every office requires today. Canon is known to offer printers and scanners of such standards that come with more functionalities than ever before. The DR-C225 Document scanner is one such addition to its offerings.

The document scanner comes with innovative space saving design that not only is a standout addition to your office but also something that enhance information accessibility, collaboration and management. The high quality results backed by flexible usage is among the popular features making it great for converting paper documents into digital formats.

Let’s look at the specs and features to understand how this product performs against the growing needs of every customer.


The document scanner comes with latest features that essentially meet the rising needs of a user-friendly product that performs most of its tasks quickly. The following features illustrate the possibilities this product has on offer.

Space Saver

Design seems to be one of the key focus areas as the company has instilled a design that is not only narrow but unique in appearance. It features an innovative upright feeding and ejects area that is convenient to use without disturbing the setup. This upright design is best suited for places where there is limited amount of space.

User Friendly

The upright design combines an intuitive front-side forward and upright item feeding scanner that is boasted with loads of innovative features. The single click adjusts multiple option settings that deliver an optimally scanned image.

The scanner can be easily integrated with a Mac and Windows operating system with 3rd party scanning software. Moreover, as a user you are provided with configurations to perform regular scan jobs through a one touch accesses which is pretty easy and quick.

On the other hand, the unique feature that automatically scans images to different cloud applications like Dropbox, SharePoint and Evernote makes it a pretty handy product.


You will be pleased to know that if it is a double sided scanning that is needed; this product will perform both the scans at a single go. The scanning speed is about 25 ppm and is made to suit different kinds of documents ranging from thin to thick documents.

Even plastic and embossed cards can be scanned with ease. Additionally, the scanner is made to scan documents as long as 118 inches.

It even supports oversized documents of 11”x 17”. Lastly, the addition of double feed detection helps in ensuring that data is not lost in any such events that might occur.


  1. In-built feature to improve the character legibility and straighten the scanned images
  2. Capable of removing shadows from the scanned images (if any)
  3. Can automatically detect color documents and reduce the batch preparation duration
  4. Compatible with ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency
  5. Complies by ErP Lot 6 directive of energy consumption & EU RoHS & WEEE directives of reduction of waste products and hazardous substances
  6. Backed by eCarePAK that can extend the service more than basic single year advanced exchange warranty
  7. Space saving design and dimensions of 8.7”x 11.8”x 6.1”makes it easy to be placed and used in shortest space possible


  1. Expensive than average conventional scanners
  2. Complicated to connect and setup when using through Wi-Fi
  3. Documentation could have been better

What more can be expected from this product?

After understanding the features, advantages and disadvantages, it is evident that it is a new age scanner that revolutionaries the concept of the conventional scanners. The designers and developers of these innovative machines have kept the aspect of space in mind.

With its unique upright design, you no longer need to open the lid to operate and perform the task of scanning. Moreover, the feature of comprehensive double sided scanning eliminates the need of flipping documents and carrying out the process of scanning the same page twice.

Other first in class features that give this product an edge over its competitors is the inclusion of straightening of scanned images clubbed with automatic color detection aided by optical character recognition.

How is it better than the other counterparts?

Now it is definitely not the only high quality printer that is available in the market. The products like Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix or Doxie Q – wireless rechargeable document scanner with automatic document feeder do the task of scanning quite well.

However, the elements that make Canon a better offering is it’s the space saving design and compatibility with various kinds of documents. Exceptional features like the document straightening, eliminating borders, scanning two sides at one go for both side scans and the range of energy efficiency compliances make DR-C225 the better alternative.

For example, both the o printers despite being pretty convenient to use are a no match when it comes to usage. Every time you use the two scanners you will have to open the lid and flip pages for each and every scan needed.

This is an area that is well dealt by Canon as the user merely needs to insert the document from the upright feeder and rest is all taken care by DR-C225.


With advancement in technology and innovation at its best, the kind of products that the market currently offers has surprised us all. These products not only carry out their dedicated tasks effective but ease numerous other connected activities.

For instance, the DR-C225 comes with a unique feature where a user can connect the scanner with different cloud platforms. This is a technically advanced feature that comes in handy for businesses that operate from different locations.

Only a simple scan would upload the document to the cloud storage and be accessible to each and every assigned user from any place on the planet. This along with several other features discussed above truly projects this product as an option of the future.

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