Canon P-215II Document Scanner Review

Regardless of whether you want to scan your photos, business cards, documents, or own a multifunctional machine which can be used for whenever a need arises, having a great scanner is an essential addition to your home or your office.

With the variety of scanners available in the market today, how do you select the right one for you? There are hundreds of models on the market, promising to be the best one for your use. Figuring out which scanner can give you the best value for your money can be a difficult task.

There is a growing subdivision in the market for mobile scanners. With more people on the go, there is a need for mobile scanners as people need to have access to a scanner as they are dealing with different business transactions.

Having to go back to the office or find a designated location just to use to scanner will make tasks a lot slower. Therefore, getting the right mobile scanner can make all the difference in your business dealings.

We recommend the Canon P-215II because this scanner can help you to accomplish a lot of tasks and make your day-to-day routine much simpler. In this article, we will explore the features the Canon P-215II, which will help you to improve the quality of your work and decrease the amount of time that you have to spend scanning documents.


The Canon P-215II makes it simple for you to carry a scanner on the go because it only requires a single USB connection to power it up. While most of the mobile scanners in the market are fairly basic, the Canon P-215II goes above and beyond to provide to its users. This scanner is a small black and silver box. Carrying it around is easy because it can fit into most briefcases and backpacks.

A small catch in the middle of its front edge of the open the top and front cover. The usage of this scanner is also simple as you will see and an illuminated power button on top of this open printer. It can be used to initiate a scan. To avoid any paper jams, the inner surface can be hinged forwards. Although so, paper jams are uncommon with this document scanner because of its good design.

At the back of this scanner, you will find sockets for USB and a second USB lead which can be used for an optional power supply. Card scanning is also possible as this scanner has a credit card sized slot on the front panel. This can be used to scan credit cards, debit cards, or ID cards.

You may have to install software on your computer to scan smoothly. Once you have the software installation sorted, you will be able to scan most documents except for pages out of books or magazines.


  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Great for people on the go
  • Ideal for home office and classrooms
  • Highly compact
  • Convenient to use
  • Capture On Touch feature
  • Silent operation


  • Cannot scan pages out of a book or magazine
  • No built-in cloud storage feature
  • Requires padding for safety


If you’re looking to increase your productivity and efficiency, the Canon P-215II can do just that for you. This portable scanner is a favorite for many people because of its compact size and design.

Regardless of whether you are carrying it in a classroom or during a business transaction, you will find that the Canon P-215II is ideal for daily usage. It is also highly convenient to use as it has an illuminated power button which enables you to do everything with one click.

Paper jams are also unlikely to happen with this portable scanner despite its size because it has a great design. It also has a slot which enables you to scan business cards on the go. For a mobile scanner, it also has its own set of limitations. For example, it cannot scan pages out of a book or magazine.

There is also no built-in cloud storage feature, but you can easily purchase an adapter which will enable you to do it with this scanner. When you are traveling with this scanner, it is recommended that you use proper padding to avoid any damage to this device.


The Epson WorkForce DS-30 Portable Document and Image Scanner is a scanner which is made for business usage. You can easily scan, save, and send important data where ever you are. With the Epson WorkForce DS-30, you have access to full-function flexibility on the go as you can capture documents and business cards.

You can also scan information and convert it to email and searchable PDFs. With the software provided with this scanner, scan to cloud service is also available.

Other features of this scanner include the ability to remove punch hole from scanned images, enhance the quality of text and auto-size documents. This scanner is great for busy professionals and helps you to perform where ever you are. No external power supply is required for this scanner.

However, the downside of using this scanner is it does not last long. After a few months of usage, it can easily break down, and paper jams often occur. There are even instances where this scanner can completely stop working.


The Canon P-215II is a highly recommended scanner because it is one of the best portable scanners in the market. It is highly convenient to use and perfect for people on the go. This is especially even more so for professionals that are often traveling to engage in business dealings.

Regardless of whether you are using it at home, at an office or on the go, it makes a great and portable device for you. While it has its downsides, such as the need to be plugged into a USB to be powered up, this portable scanner is still a great device to use. It is highly compact and produces great quality results, which should be the priority feature in any scanner.

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