ClearClick Film To USB Converter 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner Review

What’s the use of a film digital converter in a modern society? This is a question that people often ask themselves before opting for such a device. The answer is simple, the recent revival and steady popularity of film photography.

This makes the room required for the entry and placing of digital film and slide scanners. These devices are mainly used for the digitization of films and slides. This aids in reducing the space required for the storage of the same in an individual’s room or workplace.

Digital files are in much demand due to the convenience factor they provide in terms of sharing, storage and printing purposes.

The ClearClick Slide and Negative Scanner is easy to operate scanning device. It allows the user to enjoy scanning operation without making the use of any computer interface. This is a standalone device that simply scans films and slide after the same is loaded into the slide/film holder of the device and fed to the same.

After seconds of conversion, the scanned images are ready to be viewed in the inbuilt 2.3’’ screen or displayed on the TV.


The market is flooded with film and slide scanning device that makes it quite a confusing feat to finally settle for a device that suits the needs of a particular individual. The ClearClick Film/Slide and Negative Scanner is such a product that comes loaded with some features that need serious colloquy.

Ease of Operation

Scanning and digitizing analog photography is carried out by simply loading the same on the slide holder provided by the manufacturer. For power, the device draws power from a 5 V DC adapter.

The conversion process takes mere seconds to complete and the best part is that the user doesn’t need to attach the device to a computer interface. The scanned images are stored in the SD card in JPG format.

Quality of the scan

The scanner provides the user with high-quality digital reproductions of the original file. The scanner is capable of handling 35 mm slides and photographic films.

The onboard image editing and enhancement software preloaded on the device firmware enables the user to manipulate and enhance the digitally reproduced file as per their requirements and taste


The scanner is capable of scanning and reproducing 35 mm slides and film strips into digital forms at high resolutions. The whole scanning operation of a particular frame or slide takes only a few seconds.

The scanned image files are then safely and quickly stored in the SD card included in the retail package.

Step by Step Instruction

For the newbie, the company has incorporated a derailed and step by step instruction manual in English. The company also cater to their clients with 24/7 technical support and extends their services up to 1 year in terms of the product warranty.

Performance and convenience

This is a perfect companion for the professional photographer, who is still making the use of high-end film cameras. The scanner scans the negative 35 mm film frame by frame and converts them into digital JPEG files and safely stores them on the SD card.

This is a standalone device that doesn’t need any computer interface for carrying out the scanning operation. For viewing purposes, the scanned files can be directly seen on the inbuilt screen or on a big screen TV that can be connected via the AV cable supplied in the package.

Functional and compact design

The compact yet functional design is very appealing to the tech savvy individual. The scanning of a slide or film strip is pretty easy.

One can simply start by loading the film or the slide in the plastic holder, insert the same in the scanning slot and voila! It’s done.

The digital reproductions of the negatives and slides are all saved in the JPEG format at a resolution that ranges in between 5 – 10 Megapixels. The scanner can scan images from both color and monochrome with ease.


  • Works flawlessly with 35 mm Slides and photographic film negatives
  • Inbuilt 2.3″ Color LCD screen for previewing the scanned image
  • Supplied with a 2 GB Memory Card
  • Technical support to the customer within the USA
  • Connectivity to computers and workstations via the USB interface
  • Can be connected to TV sets via AV cable supplied in the product package
  • Negative & Slide Holder
  • Scans images from all slide and film types
  • The reproduced output is high both in quality & resolution
  • Speed loaders included in t he product package aids in fast scanning operations
  • Portable
  • No computer interface required for basic operation
  • Inbuilt enhancement and editing software for basic editing


  • Issues with focusing of the reproduced image
  • Unstable color correction and balancing

How does the product serve your needs?

The ClearClick Slide and Negative Scanner is capable of scanning and reproducing images from slide and film negative sources in the resolution range of 5 – 10 Megapixels.

The scanning sensor of the scanner is capable of reading dusty old slides and still image films. It reproduces the scanned images in high resolution using state of the art image enhancement algorithms incorporated in its firmware.

The output format for the scanned files is provided only in JPEG format that makes it ideal for readily uploading the content to the web. This also makes it really convenient to view the scanned images directly from the scanner to an output device like a TV set.

How is the product different from its competitors?

While making a comparison between the Digitnow Slide scanner and this product, one can readily see that the latter is superior to the former both in terms of quality of the reproduced image and value for money.

The scanning process in the ClearClick Slide and Negative Scanner is easy enough even for a fourth grader. All that needs to be done is loading the slide or the film strip in the slide loader and hitting the scan button.

The scanned files will be safely stored in the SD card in JPEG file format.


The built-in firmware of the ClearClick Slide and Negative Scanner is incorporated with image enhancing algorithm that is capable of reading images even from damaged sources. The output file format is in JPG that makes it ideal for the person who is constantly on the move.

The overall value for money and convenience factor provided by the scanner makes this an ideal product at an affordable price range.

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