Cobra Digital HD 3 in 1 Flatbed Scanner Review

A flatbed scanner allows its users to scan a good amount of documents from photos, single documents down to pages from a book. In fact, any item that can be laid flat on the scanning surface can be dealt with.

The units can be used on various operating systems from Windows to Linux and it often includes easy to use editing software. On the hunt for a good flatbed model? Then make sure to pay attention to our review of the Cobra Digital HD 3 in 1 Flatbed Scanner.


  • Able to scan photographs, film negatives, and slides for archiving and other purposes
  • Capable of scanning old, vintage photos into high-quality, digitized images
  • Has flatbed glass top for easier scanning procedures
  • Has a 2.4-inch color display screen
  • Can save files to SD card straight to the computer


A flatbed scanner like the Cobra Digital HD 3 can scan documents up to sizes of 8.5-inch x 11.7-inch. Whether making use of an ADF (automatic document feeder) or merely positioning a document or page on the glass platform of the unit, it will handle the scanning process the way it was supposed to.

The documents are laid flat on the glass scanning surface of the unit. This setup minimizes the danger of documents and books being jammed as in cases with drum scanners. The flatbed kind is recommended for scanning vulnerable, older documents, photos, and books that are fragile and already prone to ripping and tearing.

The device is also capable of taking all information on a file and it will not obligate its users to flip the document or file over in case they are utilizing an ADF device. A flatbed scanner like the Cobra Digital HD 3 can also scan film negatives by means of a TWA or a transparent media adapter.

Flatbed scanners can scan files or documents with black text up to roughly 25 pages every minute. The rating goes down though when it comes to documents with color. The pages that a scanner can accommodate each minute will be based on the model scanner and accessories used.

A flatbed scanner has one or a few more buttons located usually in front so users can instantly scan and replicate without needing to unlock the application software of the unit.

The resolution settings differ based on the model and brand, and several flatbed scanners can scan images and printed material at 1,200 DPI (dots per inch) or higher res levels.

Users can modify the DPI rating manually by means of the application software that comes with the scanner. They can also adjust the bit color rating of the scan, or in case they want the image or document to be scanned in full color or in black and white. The Cobra Digital HD 3 is capable of scanning images and other sorts of printed material for up to 3000 DPI.

Flatbed scanners can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer by means of a USB (universal bus connection) while some are standalone units like this model from Cobra for the matter. However, it also comes with a USB 2.0 interface.

One of the best advantages of a flatbed scanner like this Cobra unit is that it is capable of producing qualitative results. It produces high-quality images and it cannot compare to any kind of scanner. Flatbed scanners are also bigger so they are capable of capturing excellent replicates of the document or image on both sides without even moving the item.

Like the majority of scanners, the device is made for 35 mm formats. However, any format can be replicated if the print fits the frame. The copies of the scanned images and documents are kept on an SD memory card, and if the user wishes, it can be transferred to a laptop or desktop computer.

Users have to input the digital images into a photo editing program after the scan and the model provides choices of higher or lower resolution. If you want photo editing software, there are free downloads of it online. Keep in mind though that the resolution is set low by default; hence, you have to adjust the resolution every time you switch the machine on and go to work.

It is so easy to use that even individuals who have never worked with scanners before will be able to get the hang of it quickly. The Cobra model includes 3 image frames and users have to slide the image of the document in, insert the frame and then press the button. No great effort is required. The slides are managed in another frame in their usual form. As for negatives, users have to use another frame for it.

If you are after a flatbed scanner with a mid-range price, you will appreciate the workings and excellent quality results that you will get from this device. In case you have had errors with your first try, it will be taken care of with just one click.


Even though the Cobra Digital HD 3 has its advantages, it also displayed a few problems with glossier photos. The scanner also made erroneous output whenever the negative is positioned improperly.

It has the same results as that of cameras and flashbacks, wherein the camera flash springs back off of a reflective surface. Images with matte textures did not have this problem with the scanner though. However, lots of reviews have stated that this is a common problem among scanners.

The instructions provided with the unit were understandable but a bit short. The instruction guide could have included more comprehensive information. The unit also appears to have had some problems with a few SD cards—mostly SD cards with bigger memory.


The Cobra Digital HD 3 is a good product, and if you are on the lookout for a nice flatbed scanner, this is worth the buy. It is capable of producing high-quality images without so much effort, plus it is very easy to use. This is a great flatbed scanner for home and office use.

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