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Doxie Flip – is a versatile compact scanner that is capable of quickly and accurately digitizing all the necessary images and documents for you. The main feature of this model is the total absence of any wires. It feeds on the device from the built-in rechargeable battery.

Let’s talk about the content of delivery.The standard package includes:- scanner itself;- USB cable for charging and connecting to a computer;- calibration sheet of paper;- envelope to scan photos;- instruction and program for scanning;- the thing to clean the scanner.

Importantly, the Doxie Go implies a portability, and it may be difficult to take it with yourself everywhere without buying a cover. You can also buy an additional Wi-Fi SD Card, then your scanner will scan directly to the cloud.

Tech specs

Model Doxie Go was available in June 2012. The quality of scanning is up to 600 DPI, speed is from 5 till 8 seconds. The dimensions of the raw materials are from business cards to the A4 sheet. At the exit you get a .pdf, .jpg, png. There is OCR system. Scanner’s dimensions are 26.7 cm x 4.35 cm x 5.6 cm and weight is 403 grams.


When you first unpack the scanner, you will be surprised of its size. Of course, in comparison with conventional scanners, it is miniature. But it is more than you imagined. Its dimensions are not suitable for everyday carrying it in a backpack to scan everything on every corner. But I believe that noone is expected to do that. You will not have any problems if you want to take him on a journey, or sometimes get from home to work. At home, he does not take a lot of place. Just its appearance lets it fit into any interior.

This first not very pleasant impression was completely forgotten after the first attempt to scan something. It should be noted that I had not immediate success in scaning with it. I mean I would have, but I followed the instructions. First, it was necessary to fully charge the scanner (about 3 hours). Somehow, it is clearly stated in the instructions not to scan when the scanner is connected to your computer. Then you need to calibrate the scanner using a special piece of paper.

And so, I was under impression with first scanning! Scanner handled A4 sheet with quality 300 DPI in a couple of seconds. It’s really fast! Especially if you remember how fast normal scanners work. Sometimes you forget what you have scanned, by the time you get the result.It can take some more time to scan a 600 DPI.

But scanning the photos is the most interesting part.Photo must be put in a special envelope to scan it. Then, the envelope must be submitted to the scanner with the barcode ahead. Then it automatically recognizes the scanned object as the photo.Generally scanning in practice is a little harder. Before scanning you have to correct the size of the scan to the size of the sheet. It is difficult to make it, because as soon as you bring the list to the entrance of the scanner, it immediately tries to pick it. But you can not align anything.

Usually, the sheets are normal.Another negative thing is that you have to put the sheet correctly at once, not to make it be deployed while scanning. It is also difficult to do because of the capture rate. In short, you need a little practice.

Integration with cloud services

Firstly, Doxie has its cloud, in which you can upload and share scans with friends. A huge plus of this service is that you can define a period of access to the scans.

Doxie can export scans to Evernote and Dropbox. And as well it can export them to the Paint, Acrobat Reader, Photoshop.The way of unloading scans in cloud services is made quite interesting. Apparently, Doxie does not use any API services, but it simply copies to the folder or runs the program. Therefore, if you do not use any of the predefined services, you may not be anxious. Doxie still can export scans.So you can just scan everything in internal memory, on SD card or USB flash drive.

What can not be scanned

You can not scan something larger than A4 format. As well scanner are difficult to scan thick objects. For example, a passport or a notebook you just can not scan. The thickest thing that I was able to scan – was a high school diploma. And the result was not pretty actually.But if the scanner choke, then you will not have problems to haul the document back. You just need to wait until he calms down, and press the button (there is only one) and the scanner will give you all by itself.

Processing scans

All scans are imported into the first Doxie application.Then all the scans fall into the program itself, where you can change the orientation of the file, hold them together in one document and save.

Quality of the scans

The quality of the scans from Doxie is excellent. There are no differences with conventional scanners.

Highlights:– cordless; – autonomous; – equipped with a built-in battery;- scanner A6-size and a resolution of 300/600 dpi;- powered by AA battery;- 4 GB SD-card is included (2500 scans at a resolution of 300 dpi);- 200 scans on a single charge;- the size of the book, due to this can be taken almost anywhere (26.0 x 16.4 x 31.4 cm, 570g);- speed is 7 seconds for 1 scan.

I must say, it is ideal for working with photographs, stamps, coins, albums, objects, sketches, as well as pocket notepads. Color display with the ability to configure and preview image. Scanning area: A6, 103 × 153. Scan Format Doxie app: JPEG, PDF1, and PNG. AutoStitch function to combine different scans differ in size.

So, to sum it up, portable scanner Doxie Flip is designed to work with books, photo albums, notebooks, journals, just with simply surfaces you are interested in and even various small objects such as coins, badges etc. Due to the transparent window the user will be able to see what kind of area it scans. Special software Autostitch function allows to scan the large surface area, automatically “stitching” them into a single image.

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