Doxie Q Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner Review

A device that optically scans images, text or handwriting and saves the same digitally in the form of an image file is termed as a scanner. This peripheral is a handy tool often used in offices and in educational institutions alike.

Generally, the document is placed on a glass window on the surface of the machine. After that with the help of a Charged Couple Device or with that of a Contact Image Sensor, a mechanical arm scans the object, text or picture to record the same in the form of an image file.

The market has some big names offering innovative and easy to use scanners that usually simplify the day to day activities of storing documents at both homes and offices.

Doxie offers an array of portable scanners manufactured by Apparent Corporation, an American company. Their latest offering is that of the Doxie Q Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner, with automatic document feeder literally reinvented the way we use a scanner.


This scanner lets you scan any document anywhere without using a computer as an interface to conduct the scanning process. Synchronizing all the scanned documents with a computer can be done by the application of user-friendly and efficient apps.

The scanner also comes equipped with the ability to store the scanned documents in the cloud computing services like DropBox, Evernote etc.

Portable Due to Its Small Size

Doxie Q document scanner reinvents the way we scan our documents. The scanner is portable and small enough to encourage mobility and hassle free operation.

No computer interface is required for operating the scanner and the power source is that of rechargeable batteries. The small size of the scanner makes it easy to pack inside a bag or drawer after the scanning operation is done.

Minimalistic Approach Due to Dedicated Software

Built for extreme straightforwardness, Doxie Document Scanner works just fine without installing any drivers or special software as such.

Since no computer interface is required to do the scanning operation, the same can be done by flipping open the document feeder and inserting the document. After pressing the scan button the operation is gracefully carried out in a matter of moments.

Integrates advanced OCR technology

Doxie’s Wi-Fi integrated technology allows the user to synchronize their scanned and saved documents to their laptops, tablets, or phones wirelessly in secure PDFformat. Advanced OCR technology integrated in to the firmware of the scanner. This enables the same to reproduce images and characters in higher resolutions.

Hassle free operation with ADF

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) feature incorporated in the hardware of the scanner allows the scanner to automatically turn the documents in multi-page, searchable files. For both sided documents a simple flip of the whole stack of paper is enough for the whole operation to be started over.

The easy to use the graphic user interface of the scanner makes it convenient to flip the documents after being scanned with one click of a button.

Sales Package & Robust Customer Support

The mobile scanner comes pre-equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF), Wi-Fi integration, an 8 GB SD memory card, USB cable, rechargeable battery, a versatile and all-purpose power adapter, accessories, desktop & iOS apps, and complimented with unparalleled after sales customer care support from the 24×7 technical team of Doxie.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity integration in the firmware
  • Collapsible Automated Document Feeder
  • External memory for storage of the scanned files while on the go
  • No driver or extra software installation is required as it does not use any form of computer interface
  • Can scan up to a stack of 8 color pages at 600 dpi resolution
  • Advanced OCR technology is incorporated in the firmware of the scanner
  • Legal size scanning
  • Compatibility with iPhone/iPad
  • Auto multi stage PDF functionality


  • Moderately expensive compared to the other similar products
  • The light indicators can be annoyingly confusing
  • Cannot feed nor scan multiple documents one after the another

How does the product serve your needs?

This product approaches the customer with a minimalistic, simple yet functioning Unique Selling Point i.e. mobility and hassle free operation. The feature of operation through a battery source and removing a computer interface from the whole picture has totally reinvented the process of scanning.

All the functionality of a full-scale and a bulky scanner is incorporated into this small package. The benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity adds up to the appeal of this product. Hassle free operation is possible with the inclusion of Automatic Document Feeder for feeding the documents, external memory for storing the scanned data.

The advanced Optical Character Reader technology in the firmware of the scanner allows the same to flawlessly reproduce images with the highest resolution possible with vivid details.

How is the product different from the others?

When comparing Doxie’s Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner to other very similar products like that of Xerox’s Mobile Scanner, the main difference one can notice is in the performance and specifications section of the two. Doxie’s scanner can go about scanning operations almost autonomously.

The automatic document feeder does its trick and keeps on feeding the scanner with the documents until the operation is over. The other major advantage that this product has over its competitors is that of the Wi-Fi integration and advanced OCR technology incorporated in the firmware of the scanner.

These two functions add to the true flavor of mobility and freedom for on the go scanning of documents. Compatibility issues with other less popular operating-systems such as iPhones or iPads are sorted out by providing the customer with plenty of apps that does the job for them.


If you are looking for complete mobility and hassle free operation without implementing the usage of a computer interface in your scanning operations, Doxie’s Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner is the product that beat suits your needs.

No installations of drivers or any such software are required for operating or starting the scanner. The auto feeding mechanism of the scanned combined with advanced OCR technology helps the product to reproduce high resolution scanned files. If a minimalistic yet functional device is your taste, this might be the right product.

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