Epson Perfection V370 Scanner Review

When it comes to high-quality printers and scanners, Epson provides some of the best. In fact, Epson is so incredibly skilled at making worthwhile tech that they have developed their own revolutionary cartridge free printing technology. It would not be that hard to argue whether Epson’s printers are better than Canon’s printers.

The benefits of such a cartridge free system mean saving a lot of money on ink replacement bottles. A lot of research and studies went into creating the system. With supersized ink tanks that are easy to fill, printing has never been easier.


This is the same company that created the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner. A 4800 by 9600 DPI color scanner with the ability to scan photos, film, and oversized originals.

A wonderfully made scanner with a built-in scan to cloud feature. The printer is exceptionally easy to use with easy to understand buttons that perform actions with one click. Scan a picture straight to your email or create a PDF file with one click.

With no warm up time, this scanner is quick to get ready. Even if your photo is fading, the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner can restore the photo’s color with one click.

Have more than one photo you want to scan? That is not an issue with this scanner. You can scan up to six photos at the same time and the Epson V370 will automatically separate each individual photo.

This significantly decreases the amount of time it would take to scan in albums of photos. Make your life easier with the Epson Perfection Scanner.


  • Clear 4800×9600 optical resolution
  • Works with most current operating systems
  • Can scan multiple photos at once
  • Easy installation
  • Able to scan art work
  • Lightweight


  • Medium scanning speed
  • Does not scan to the edge of the scanner bed
  • Software included is not the best


The Epson Perfection V370 Scanner is an amazing scanner with many features. It can produce beautiful scans of your photos with resolutions up to 4800 by 9600.

Whether you want to scan one photo or multiple photos, the scanner can do so. This will drastically cut down the time it would take you to scan your photos. With a lightweight build, moving the scanner around will not be difficult at all.

It also helps to note that no matter what type of computer you are using, Mac or Windows, the scanner will likely be compatible with your operating system. Are you an artist? Want to share your art work with the world? Well, you can do so with this scanner.

The scanner can pick up all the colors in your artwork displaying it very accurately on your computer. Some people are not very good with technology.

With that in mind, Epson has developed a newbie friendly scanner. Most people, whether technology advanced or not, can easily use this scanner with no issues.

The scanning speed itself is not the fastest, however, with the technology it uses, there is little to no start-up time. It should be noted that you should keep your images away from the edges of the scanner bed.

This scanner has trouble picking up the image towards the edge. This scanner also includes software to aid you. The software is not very good in terms of functionality.


Scanning film is a unique ability that the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner is capable of. Most scanners are only able to scan photos or film separately.

When it comes to scanning film, this scanner can scan it better than most film specific scanners. Take the Pacific Image Elect Scanner for example.

The Pacific Image Elect Scanner can remove dust and scratches automatically and restore the color to faded film. Epson’s scanner also has a similar functionality.

However, scanning more than one film or photo at a time with the Pacific Image Scanner is not advised. You will need to manually adjust the image scanning if you want to scan more than one image.

The Epson Perfection Scanner can handle many different types of images including artwork, film, and photos. It does not matter if they are black and white.

When it comes to the Pacific Image Elect Scanner, however, black and white do not agree with the scanner. If you are looking for speed, the difference is very noticeable.

With the Epson Scanner, scanning 300 images would not take any longer than 2 hours. However, with the Pacific Image Elect Scanner, scanning that many images can take up to 3 days.


When looking for a scanner, a lot of factors do play into your decision. It is important to consider what kind of power you want in your scanner and what exactly you plan to scan.

If you plan to be scanning multiple images and do not want to waste your entire day doing so, this is the scanner for you. If you are not very tech savvy and have trouble working with technology, this printer is for you.

The easy to use interface, included software, and buttons allow for anyone to be able to scan their images and save them digitally. Saving your photos at an amazing quality, the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner is well worth investing in.

Scanning your photos is such an important task in today’s world. Living in a high risk of disaster area means that it can be hard to save printed photos.

An accident can happen at any moment meaning you will want to be able to scan and save your photos online as fast as you can and avoid any unwanted situations. With the Epson Perfection V370 Scanner, you not only save your photos but you save a ton of time.

Scanning an entire album in a single day would be simple for this scanner. It can be quite tedious when scanning that many images so you will want to finish as quickly as you can.

That also means starting as fast as you can. With no startup time, clear photo resolution, and ease-of-use functionality, the Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo Scanner is a wonderful scanner.

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