Epson Perfection V600 Corded Document Scanner Review

When it comes to documenting scanners there are several options that can confuse the potential customer. The plethora of options available in the market today all offer certain features and Unique Selling Points that is limited to that particular product only.

In terms of product pricing and overall functionalities, document scanners come n all shapes, sizes and of course prices! From the bulky flatbed scanner to the cheaply made yet multi-functional all-in-ones to the expensive scanners used for capturing professional art pieces.

The Epson Perfection V600 is an image file scanner that is positioned in such a way in the market that it appeals to the photo enthusiast. The scanner is equipped with advanced photo editing software that the user can use to manipulate, edit and add some effects of their own choosing.

On top of that, the scanner comes pre-equipped with multi-connectivity options in the forms of USB and MMC slots.


The Epson Perfection V600 is document and photo scanner that is capable of scanning and reproducing black and white A4 size scans at the lowest resolution possible (200PPI). The whole scanning operation can take place in a manner of 8 seconds due to the incorporation of white LED illuminating source.

On board Transparency Unit (TPU)

This is a preferred feature in most of the document and image scanners as this allows the user to look at the negative of a celluloid sourced image before the same is scanned and digitally stored.

Image restoration software

Epson’s patented Digital Ice image processing and restoration software is preloaded in the scanner that provides the user with image restoration solutions from damaged sources.


The illuminating source of the scanner is a bright white LED lamp that enables super fast scanning and doesn’t need additional warm-up time.

On top of that, the firmware installed in the scanner is integrated with advanced Optical Character Recognition software that allows the scanner to convert scanned images from text materials into editable formats.

Enhanced image reproduction capabilities

The scanner is equipped with advanced sensors and image processing software that allows the scanner to reproduce high-resolution images (like 6400 x 9600 dpi or more)

Restoration of faded and damaged photographs

The scanner is equipped with photo manipulation and advanced editing software, the Epson Easy Photo Fix. This software is preloaded in the scanner for the convenience of the user.

User-friendly controls

One touch panel buttons that control complex functions like instant scan, instant copy, create PDFs, scan to email etc.

Document and picture enhancement

The scanner is also pre-installed with Arcsoft PhotoStudio that aids in the enhancement and editing of digital images and documents.

Overall design and compatibility

The overall design of the scanner is elegant and sleek. This is a flatbed document scanner that is based on the plug and play platform. Necessary software and drivers need to be installed in the computer for the proper operation of the document scanner.

Multi Scanning Modes

The scanner provides the user with multiple modes for scanning documents. The auto mode does all the hard lifting like pre-scanning the document and choosing the color schemes, balance, white balancing etc. home, office and professional modes allow the user to take full manual control over sophisticated operations like color correction etc.

Scan Speed

In the auto mode, it takes approximately 29 – 28 seconds for the scanner to pre-scan photograph 4 x 6 dimensions and then reproduce the same in a digital format in either a 300 PPI – 400 PPI resolution.

In the professional mode, it takes just about 6 seconds to pre-scan a document and then further 9 seconds for reproducing the same in a digital format.


  • high-quality digitally scanned documents
  • fully auto mode for scanning
  • Compatible with both normal format and 35 mm format films
  • capable of reproducing high-resolution digital images of the scanned files
  • Built in Transparency Unit
  • Image enhancement software
  • Restoration of faded colors in old images and documents


  • Capable of scanning only one 35 mm slide at any given point of time
  • Not suitable of heavy workload in office ambiance

How does the product serve your needs?

The scanner provides the user with high definition scanned digital images of the scanned documents. The digital file of the original document is reproduced with the utmost priority given to the fidelity and colors of the elements in the same.

The firmware of the scanner is equipped with advanced AI that promotes added emphasis on the dynamic range of the reproduced document. The overall details in the reproduced images are far more detailed when compared to that of the ones offered from competing brands and products.

How is the product different from its competitors?

The Epson V600 is a fast document scanner if the comparison is made in between the same and other flatbed scanners. The reason behind its success is the incorporation of an LED lamp as the illuminating source that omits the warm up time from the whole scanning operation.

If the comparison is made with similar products like Plustek AD480 – Desktop Card and document scanner then it can be readily observed that certain advanced features like image enhancement software, the inclusion of Digital ICE technology that removes dust particles from the film digitally etc are absent in the product.

Being placed in the same price range both of these scanners are not at all similar to each other.


This is a very efficient flatbed scanner that is ideal for the ones associated with professional photography. The image reproduction capabilities of the scanner along with the bunch of image editing and enhancement software that comes in with the retail package all add to the appeal for the same among the potential customers.

The overall affordability factor and electronic capabilities of the Epson Perfection V600 is providing the user with fast and accurate results all work together towards making the same an ideal product up for the taking.

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