Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner Review

The Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner comes with the much-needed connectivity. If you want to be up to date on the latest connectivity, the USB technology can be all you need for fast data transfer. This is one of the most important characteristics of the barcode scanner.

However, the USB 2.0 technology is not the ultimate feature of the scanner as it also comes with a good performance which allows you to a scanning rate of 45mil/s. This is powered by the 32bit ARM+DSP technology which can prove to be more than enough for beating the queues.

In terms of portability, the Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner performs very well with its compact design and durable construction. This is why the manufacturer made sure to make a design which is also capable of surviving drops from small heights. With a great usability, the scanner performs solidly and as a testament, you will just have to plug it into the computer and the scanner is ready to go.


  • USB 2.0 technology
  • 32bit ARM+DSP technology
  • Complies with business regulation for shops, businesses or warehouses


  • Durable construction even with drops up to 5 feet
  • Compact design
  • Easy computer connectivity
  • Works for multiple types of businesses


  • Thick scanning line


The barcode scanner uses some of the most innovative technologies for fast scanning. This means it comes with the ability to scan codes with impressive speeds. It even manages to come with good accuracy which is a testament to the selected technologies.

Even if the scanning line is thicker than with some other alternatives on the market, you will still be able to scan codes which are in close proximity to other codes due to the accuracy of the device.

One of the most interesting features comes with the USB 2.0 connectivity. With good speeds and easy access to any computer, you can start using the scanner right away. 1D and 2D QR barcodes can also be scanned using the device, this is why you will be well equipped for most situations. This recommends the scanner for the ultimate performance for various businesses. So who can use the scanner?

The barcode scanner can work for multiple types of businesses which require high volumes of scanning. Such businesses can involve local shops, supermarkets and even warehouses. Since the scanner comes with good durability, it is recommended for other types of areas such as construction sites. This possibility is, of course, backed by the impact absorptions design.

You can drop the device from 5 feet and still be able to use it. This height should be the usual distance while in a standing position. This is why if you work at heights you should consider using a strap which might keep the device away from potential accidents.

In terms of quality, the scanner is capable of reading even in the most difficult situations. Thus, with a minimum print contrast of 25% you will be able to manually scan the codes. The optimum angle for vertical use is 65°. If you are looking for a device which is capable of working in a wider distance spectrum, the indoor readings can be perfect with the scanner as it can work in a range from 6 to 30cm.


When choosing a highly performing barcode scanner, you can always benefit from making a comparison on the basic features and technologies. This will give you a better understanding of your product but it will also create a clear image of the device`s value. When compared against the Upgraded 2 in 1 1d Laser USB 2.0, the Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner comes with the same usability.

It has the benefit of the easy USB connectivity which can be used directly after you plug the device to the computer. The device also doesn`t support the smartphone keyboard input or the FedEx barcodes.

Although the Upgraded 2 in 1 1d Laser USB 2.0 comes with better use of some technologies and some specific barcodes such as the FedEx readings, the Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner can be considered a better choice in terms of durability.

Although both devices are affordable, it is still worth considering that durability can be an issue in some businesses such as warehouses where a robust device is needed. This is why you should consider the Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner if you want a straightforward experience but also a durable construction.


The Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner uses some of the most up to date technologies in a compact design. If you value the simplicity of the USB 2.0 technology, the device might be a good option for your business. You can just plug it into any computer and start using it straight away.

Although the device uses simple technologies, it can be recommended for all types of businesses. It can work well in high volume environments such as supermarkets but it can also be the right durable tool for places like warehouses. The devices is capable of reading the 1D and 2D QR barcodes even in difficult situations. So if you have a minimum contrast of 25%, you will be able to make a reading with the scanner.

If you are looking for a device which comes with basic scanning technologies, a simple and durable construction and straightforward connectivity, the Esky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner can be a top choice. Although it can`t be dropped from great distances, it will still resist a drop from 1.5 meters. This makes it a good choice for busy environments where these types of situations are more likely to happen.

If you are looking to purchase a few devices, a good way of avoiding these situations is by using straps. Because you will lose the warranty coverage if you drop the device from a higher distance, the best solution is to stay on ground level with the scanner and if you need to go higher, or on a platform, you should consider using the strap.

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