Flatbed Scanner Reviews

Flatbed scanners allow you to scan different documents or items like photos, loose documents or even book pages as long as the item or document can lay flat on the scanner’s surface, especially the area to be scanned.

Flatbed scanners are very good for scanning delicate items like photos that you would not want to be damaged by getting stuck in sheet fed scanners, risking getting crumpled in the process. Most flatbed scanners are recommended for photo scanning.

Your choice of flatbed scanner should be a piece of equipment that performs well and does not cost you too much to acquire as well as being easy to use.

Epson Perfection V19 Color Photo and Document Scanner

Epson Perfection V19 Color Photo and Document Scanner

This scanner gives you the ability to scan photos at 4800 dpi optical resolution detail over a flatbed measuring 8.5×11.7″. This scanner is capable of producing a 300 dpi full color scan in about 10 seconds.

Should you want to operate in an upright position to save space, it comes with as stand for that as well being equipped with removable lid to enable scanning of larger items. Equipped with a 48-bit color depth, it delivers accurate colors for quality imagery.

This scanner is equipped with Epson’s Easy Photo Fix that helps to restore old photos and prints which you can save to your computer or to cloud through the software provided.  The USB port serves as a power port and data port to connect to your PC.

This scanner comes at a price starting from $69.


  • Easy to use and energy saving

Image correction is of good quality

Its relatively fast


  • Instructions on use not very clear

This is a basic photo scanner and delivers a decent performance for all tasks required of it. You will enjoy great value for money with its features and price combination. This is a good buy for you no matter the amount of photo scanning you need to undertake.

HP L1957A#B1H Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner

HP L1957A#B1H Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner

The HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner provides you with 6 color, 96 bit scanning for photos, slides and negatives, promising color accuracy in scanning on a surface that can scan up to sixteen 35mm slides or 30 negative frames for scanning of multiple images or one 4″ x 5″ sheet.

The HP Scanjet G4050 is equipped with HP Real Life technologies which enables you to remove scratches, restore faded color and automatic red eye removal with minimal hassle.

This scanner also allows you to scan letter size documents as well as photos or 35mm slides or negatives and courtesy of its adjustable lid, you are able to scan larger items or even books with ease.

This scanner comes at a price starting from $199.00.


  • Good bit depth
  • Good resolution
  • Quiet operation
  • Dust removal works well


  • A bit pricey
  • Software can at times be menacing

This scanner is the definition of a workhorse as it will keep working efficiently while constantly delivering good results. The pricing might be a slightly high but if you can afford it without necessarily breaking bank, then go for it.

Canon Office Products LiDE120 Color Image Scanner

Canon Office Products LiDE220 Document Scanner

The Canon LiDE120 Color Image Scanner is a compact scanner that combines performance and good pricing. This scanner gives you the option to save to cloud or to your personal computer with ease, with a maximum resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi2.

Courtesy of its Auto Document Fix feature, it automatically offers image analysis and area by area data correction while evaluating the item being scanned and saving it in appropriate settings. My Image Garden5 software makes it easy and convenient to organize your photos.

This scanner uses one USB cable for both data and power, reducing the wires in your space. The LiDE 120 includes My Image Garden5; a convenient software package that makes organizing your photos fun and easy.

This scanner comes at a price starting from $69.


  • Easy to use and set up while it raises approximately one-inch to allow you to scan large items
  • Offers accurate colors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Equipped with auto document fix


  • Not suitable for large scanning projects
  • Software can be menacing at times

If you are looking for an inexpensive scanner that delivers quality work then the Canon LiDE120 is the scanner for you. It offers simplicity and a good convenient user experience to get things done. This would be a good buy.

HP Scanjet G3110 Flatbed Scanner

HP Scanjet G3110 Flatbed Scanner

The HP Scanjet G3110 Flatbed Scanner allows you to produce quality scans of documents, negatives, and also 35mm slides at a resolution of 4800x9600dpi. This scanner is also capable of scanning 3-D items in detail on top of its 48 nit color that offers accurate colors.

With the color restore, dust removal and adaptive lighting features, you are able to improve the scan quality of low quality originals. The scratch removal feature takes your scans to another level giving the image a smooth finish.

This scanner comes with both Twain and WIA drivers, making it easy for you to scan from most Windows programs with a scan command.

This scanner comes at a price starting at $99.


  • Highly compatible
  • Delivers accurate colors
  • Offers good resolution
  • Fairly priced


  • Scanning at high resolution is a bit slow

This scanner’s main advantage is its compatibility with most devices and this is something that will ensure that you can use it wherever you please. With its competitive pricing, you will enjoy quality output and a pocket friendly price. If you are a medium –heavy scanner, you will want to have this scanner with you and you can be sure of convenience in your scanning tasks.


The scanners reviewed here have been selected from a wide range of scanners and have managed to come out on top because of their good performance and their relatively fair pricing.

The best flatbed scanner is down to your requirements and preferences but with either of the above scanners, you are bound to have a good user experience.

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