Fujitsu Fi-7160 Scanner with Auto Document Feeder

Are you looking for a device that can scan your documents and convert them into digital data? If the answer is yes, in this article you will find details about a scanner from Fujitsu that can do all of that for you. This specific scanner has an interesting feature that will make the scanner auto feed itself with the documents that you want to scan.

If you are working with many papers and important documents, sometimes it is vital to have them saved in a digital format so that you can keep them stored easily or send them faster online.

Fujitsu is known for making computing products and providing services in the area of personal computing. This scanner was designed with iSOP (this stands for Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection), with a LED light source that shows exactly what the device is doing, with a card scanning feature, with a central admin suite and with a paper technology that is supposed to handle the documents with a feeding reliability.

The Fujitsu Fi-7160 Scanner with Auto Document Feeder is automatic and it feeds up to 80 sheets. The scanner works with materials that have 60 ppm or 120 imps and regarding the colors, it can scan in all colors, it can scan on grayscale and monochrome, too.


  • The scanning process takes place quickly due to the advanced paper handling technology and the document feeder that is an automatic one (ADF)
  • The scanner was designed with a LED light source
  • It was manufactured with an iSOP feature ( this means that the protection of the paper in intelligent)
  • The scanner was designed to handle desktop scanning for individual workers or for smaller groups of workers
  • The box contains an USB 3.0 and an LCD that is adjustable and multi-lined
  • This scanner can handle invoices, cards, receipts, any type of paperwork and much more
  • It has included a PaperStream IP feature that is supposed to improve automatically the quality of the images, to remove the background that is not wanted and to optimize the images for optical character recognition
  • The scanner has installed a high-quality software that was made especially for scanning. It is the PaperStreamCapture Pro and it is supposed to enhance the abilities of the device with improved sets of features that work on the extraction and the indexing of the data, the images importing and the licesing support.
  • This device is considered to be fast and versatile due to the speed of the scanning process. It can scan up to 120 images in one minute at 300 dpi in color or black and white
  • The scanner will protect the documents that you scan with its acoustic sensors and will make sure that the data will be captured with its ultrasonic technology feature
  • The dimensions of the scanner are 17.7 x 9.5 x 11.2 inches and it weighs 9.3 pounds


  • The scanner has an advanced paper handling technology
  • It also has an Auto Document Feeder feature
  • The manufacturer included the iSOP feature for a better protection of the paper
  • The scanner is suitable for desktop scanning for individual or groups of workers
  • It works with an USB 3.0, which is better than the 2.0 version
  • It is versatile, reliable and fast in process
  • The software is high-quality and will enhance the abilities of the scanner
  • It can scan 120 images in only one minute
  • It works with 300 dpi with colors, grayscale or monochromatic
  • It can remove the portions of the background that is not wanted into the final result
  • The device can optimize the images for optical character recognition
  • It also has acoustic sensors that will protect the scanned documents


  • Due to its dimensions and weight, the scanner can only be used for desktop work
  • It is on the more expensive side and not so pocket-friendly for everyone


This scanner from Fujitsu is known for its Auto Document Feeder feature, but besides this one, it also has many other interesting ones. The advanced paper handling technology will make the scanning process take place quickly and so the scanner can take into the scanning process up to 120 images in only one minute.

This is why the device is suitable for an individual worker or for a smaller group of workers. The scanner can be connected to a computer with an USB 3.0, which is better than the 2.0 version because it can transfer faster the data from the scanner to the computer.

Fujitsu made sure to sell you the scanner with an already installed software so that you will not have to struggle with extra installations. The software that is installed is high-quality and will enhance all of the abilities of the device for a better performance.

The scanner can remove some parts of the background that are not wanted and make the data look like the document in reality. With its dimensions and weight, this is perfect for desktop work and it can not be used on-the-go like other scanners that are lighter in weight and smaller in dimensions.

Possible alternatives

You might also be interested into this scanner from NeatDesk, the Macintosh one if you liked the one from Fujitsu. This is a scanner for desktop usage and it has an extra feature. You can scan your documents with the camera from your mobile phone and connect it to the scanner and computer.


All in one and taking into consideration the pros and cons, this scanner from Fujitsu in a good investment if you are doing a lot of desktop work as an individual or if you are sharing the device with your smaller group of coworkers.

The Fujitsu Fi-7160 Scanner with Auto Document Feeder can be used by more people because it is fast in the scanning process and it can scan up to 120 images in only 60 seconds.

This is pretty cool and not many scanners can work so fast. With all its features, the scanner can make the scanning experience a pleasant and a smooth one and you will see that the money are worth it.

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