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There are many business equipment and software that make operations easier in the busy business environments. The cash register is one such equipment and it will handle all your transaction exchanges helping you effectively serve customers and keep accurate records of the exchanges. Finding a cash register should not be a daunting task as there are many models and distributors in the market.

However, not all brands and models you come across will meet your unique needs. It is therefore important to carefully review each cash register before spending your money. Finding the best cash register for your business requires insights and a comprehensive understanding of what such equipment bring to your workplace.

Start by determining your needs and size

There are various types and models of cash registers ranging from conventional tills that calculate and type transactions to modern self-service registers operated by buyers. Consider your current size and needs as well as your projected size and needs in the near future to accommodate the growth. Do you have a large enterprise with numerous products? You may need a POS system with barcode scanners. If you are running a considerably smaller operation with only a few select products, there are other options that suite your needs.

Assess the security features

If you want the best cash register in the market, you must be thinking about security issues. It is paramount to keep all cash, checks and electronic payments safe. Look for locking drawers that restrict access to specific employees using the given till machine or consider cash-drop boxes to safely store large amounts of cash. Ensure the total amount of cash in the register is restricted such that overflows are automatically transferred to the drop boxes. Passwords and secret keying phrases are other ways to keep unauthorized people from accessing the registry.

What benefits does the inventory tracking offer your business?

There is no need of installing large POS cash registers if you run a small limited business inventory that basic cash registers can suffice. Look at what you can achieve with the register and how you can use the data to maximize your business potential. When looking at the existing models, decide whether you need thermal printers or print ribbons. While thermal print registers are expensive, they have long-term cost-effectiveness when compared to the cheaper (upfront cost) ribbon print cash registers.

Shop from a retailer

If you are looking for large POS cash registers for your grand busy business environments, retailers may not be your ideal client; vendors are much better. However, those looking for basic cash registers that can keep track of the inventory including products sold, remaining, cash in and cash out and service personnel should consider shopping from a retailer.

Retailers offer a myriad of choices if you are looking for minimal-feature registers for small and medium size businesses. Online shopping is very recommendable as it exposes you to unlimited options from different manufacturers. You can conduct both online and offline research, and then compare to get affordable rates and better discounts.

Review the product

Before you pay for any cash register, make sure you have exhaustively reviewed all its aspects starting from the reputation to the features and warrantees. You can always look through complaints, comments and reviews from previous and/or current users of that specific model to find out more about the product from real users and not just promotional tweaks on manufacturer’s websites.

Products and brands that consistently meet user requirements will definitely have a good reputation within the area. Look through the feature set (manual input, scanners, receipt printers, programmable details, automatic time update, automation…) and what they help you achieve. Rich features mean nothing if they do not apply to the size and requirements of your business. Review the model and manufacturer as well as they warranties, quality guarantees and provisions. It is usually advisable to purchase renowned brands and models from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original genuine quality by the manufacturer.


The ultimate goal is to find the best cash register, which translates to a powerful affordable register that meets all your set business requirements requiring the least maintenance. This takes precision when making your selection and a keen eye. Make sure you choose models that have written quality guarantees and provisions to return any cheap-quality equipment that does not meet your requirements.

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