How to Set PC to Start Scanning

Scanning can be a complicated thing at times. Depending on the scanner you get, scanning in your photos can be difficult or easy. Even if you are not good with technology, learning how to set your pc to start scanning can be done.

Some printers come with an easy-to-use interface and setup allowing for you to get started right away. With installation software that comes with your scanner, setting up your PC to start scanning should not be difficult.

It is vital that you do not lose this software. The software may be complicated or complex to use, but it is one of the ways to set your PC to start scanning.


The issue at hand is that when you want to start scanning your photos, your scanner refuses to start. This issue seems to only appear when you want to scan from your scanner.

However, if you start the scan through your PC, the problem does not appear.

This is a major issue for anyone who does not have much computer knowledge. When you want to scan an image, simply clicking the scan button on your scanner is the easiest way to get started. However, you may run into this problem.

There are many factors that can go into play when getting an error like this. First, you need to identify whether you are on a Mac or PC. Both systems work differently so the issue can be caused by different problems.


One of the best ways to remedy an issue like this is to use the software included with your scanner. Most scanners come with software that makes scanning your images easy.

However, some scanner software can be buggy and not work well with your operating system (Mac or PC). Making sure that the scanner you are using is compatible with your computer is vital. If you are using a scanner that is not compatible with your machine, then you should look to return your scanner.

Starting up your software will make it easy to set your PC to start scanning. Depending on what scanner you have, the instructions included should suffice.

Most operating systems also come with built-in scanner software. So, if you are having troubles with the software included with your scanner being too complex or hard to understand, you also have that option.

Mac Operating System

Macs can be complicated sometimes. The hardware can be hard to make products that are compatible with them. Always keeping your Mac up to do date will aid in not having any issues with your scanner.

You should also make sure that the scanner you choose was made with Macs in mind. Choosing a scanner that was made for Windows and not Mac can be a major reason you are not able to set your PC to start scanning.

Mac and Window computers are made completely different. If you have a scanner that was made for Windows PCs then that will also mean the software will only install on Windows computers. This will cause you troubles as you now are not able to use the one software that was made for the scanner.


Since the issue seems to be with your PC, it may not cross your mind to think about blaming your Scanner. Every scanner is different and so the cause of your problem can be different depending on your scanner.

If you are not able to set your PC to start scanning, your scanner may be set up incorrectly. You should make sure that all the wires and cords are connected correctly to your PC.

You should also confirm whether your scanner is designed to work over your network or through an ethernet cable. This information can be found by looking through the user manual of your scanner.

When trying to troubleshoot a problem, you should try to look for all possible issues and not overlook anything.


With so many different possible causes of this issue, giving a solid solution can be difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to set your PC to start scanning.

If you choose not to use the software that came with your scanner, you will automatically be at a disadvantage. Your best option will be to locate the software that came with your scanner and install it.

Then you should look towards scanner instruction manual. There should also be an operational manual online if you have misplaced it.

The scanner you have will have different options available for you to use to set your pc to start scanning. Take Canon for example.

There are multiple ways to use Canon scanners and one is through the Operational Panel. If you are using a Canon scanner then you can follow the instructions below to scan your documents:



Similar documentation is available for many other scanner companies. Without focusing on a specific scanner, there is no general information for setting your PC to scan.

Your scanner provides your computer with the functionality to scan and as such, making sure everything is right with your scanner and its connection is the most important thing to focus on.

Easy to Use Scanners

There are several scanners available on the market that making scanning easy. You should really look to getting an easy-to-use scanner if your scanner is causing you troubles.

With the proper scanner, learning how to set PC to start scanning will not be necessary. Rather than focusing on specific scanners, you should look at companies with great track records when it comes to making high-quality products.

Canon and Epson are two great examples of wonderful scanner companies. They have both been in the image technology market for quite a while. This means that they have grown accustomed to the features needed to make a good scanner.

That includes ease of use. With a great scanner, your worries will be lifted without having to figure out the cause of any issues.

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