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The Neat Company has been promoting their Try Neat campaign; not only on television but also by using the world wide web. Neat allows you to scan documents with ease using intelligent text recognition technology. This allows the scanner to read and understand the key information, and then automatically organizes.

The result? Digital files that are useful as well as usable. Easy to find, easy to access and easy to share. What does it mean? This means that the NeatDesk scanner, desktop scanner is what you require for your home or office.

The NeatDesk Scanner will make quick work for your paper clutter. NeatDesk can and will scan your receipts, business cards or documents to a lighting fast 24 pages per minute. Scanning up to a massive 50 pages at a time, does not matter if 1 or 2 sides, color or back and white. Neat Scanner does everything.

Tired of having to analyze things and organize them? The NeatDesk Scanner reads and extracts the information of what you are scanning. Receipts are now digital records with suppliers and the amounts, the business cards are now digital contacts, and documents are now fully searchable by keyword.

Creatning tax reports or expenses with the use of your receipt data is easy with the ability to export to Excel, Quicken and TurboTax. Sync contacts with Outlook or Address Book is just as simple. Find what you need when you need it with a keyword, organization as you like.

The NeatDesk Scanner comes with a free 30 day trial of NeatCloud. NeatCloud allows you to sync and backup your files Neat and allowing you to access all your favorite browser or smart phone.

Premium support and hardware protection comes with a free trial of NeatCloud including NeatCare premium phone support as well as accidental damage protection for your NeatDesk Scanner. It lasts as long as you are a NeatCloud customer and how to use the neat scanner is quite simple.

The desktop scanner works with Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX.

Neat Scanner is designed with simplicity in mind. Easy layout with only two buttons as well as being stylish makes it easy to use. It is matte black and white with rounded edges. Compact means it does not take much space on the desktop.

Files can be downloaded any time after you have scanned them. It does not matter if you are a on the list of Forbes or if you’re just a small business starting out. If you have clutters of documents and receipts that you are tired of manually going through one by one and sorting. That if you do not lose them before.

In fact, the NeatDesk scanner can really be for you. Actually it will remove the clutter from your life and allow your business to grow with time you save.

Indeed, NeatDesk is one of the better packages of scanners designed for business cards. Any computer software that may successfully recognize faded text message on a poorly printed receipt may easily recognize the written text surrounded by a coloured background on a business card. Furthermore, receipts and organization cards rely upon the same capability to analyze text message and put the info into the correct areas in the program’s data source.

The NeatWorks software

The existing version of NeatWorks is comparable to older versions with several names, nonetheless it is also better to use because of two further features: The quick scan center and Inbox.

The Quick Scan Centre enables you to modify scan settings and easily take up a scan using PDF documents or Scan control keys on the scanner itself or both equivalent control keys in the dialog box.

Either PDF button enables you to scan a file to a panes folder as a searchable PDF document, a feature which allows you to use the scanner for document management irrespective of NeatWorks itself. Use it with a desktop indexing and search software such as Google Desktop, and you may find files if they are when you need them.

To scan documents with to NeatWorks program, however, you use among the scan switches that scans and send the file to the NeatWorks Inbox. You can then visit the Inbox, make sure the program properly has recognized the text, and correct whatever is wrong. You can include a taxes category from a drop-down list also, mark something as a reimbursable expenditure, and add other facts before sending to the correct database.

The three database display screen- business cards, and any documents-are similar to one another, with panes that display a desk of individual factors and the scanned graphic of the determined item. Each also contains information tailored to this kind of with-element contact facts for business cards, for instance, owner name for receipts.

Important points to consider before buying Scanners


It is important to understand what purpose you want the scanner and how often you plan to use. Whether,

  • You want to scan only paper.
  • You want to scan paper and films.
  • You want to use once or twice a week.
  • You want to use more than a hundred times a day.
  1. Scan speed

One of the main focal points of the scanners is speed. Scanner price is usually directly proportional to its speed. However, you can search scanners depending on how you want to finish your scanning job.

II. Document Feeder Capacity

Document Feeder has the ability to load up to 1,000 sheets, more in the scanner. The capacity depends on your need. This allows you to upload your documents to be scanned at once and work automatically. Another major point of focus with the feeder is the minimum and maximum paper size. The scanner must handle both, if you want to scan a map or legal size paper.

  1. Warranty Service

There are two types of warranties provided by the manufacturers.

  • Depot, in which you can ship the scanner for warranty services.
  • Most manufacturers offer warranty service on site for a period of time. However, the time period ranges from 30 days to one year.
  1. Scan Mode

There are many scanners that can scan two sides of the document. However, there are certain long-lasting models, which scan one side.

  1. Colored scanning

To scan images or color documents, it should support color scanning.

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