ION Audio ION Film 2 SD Plus Review

In this modern age we use digital cameras and smartphones to take pictures. There’s no need to make use of film anymore. However, there are people though who still possess undeveloped old films and sliders who cannot bear to get rid of them.

There are devices available these days which can digitize old school films, so do not throw away your childhood negatives because you can still allow them to have a new life. A scanner like ION’s AudioION Film SD Plus will make that happen.


  • Significant high-res 14 MP scanner model
  • Can transfer film negatives and slides straight into SD card
  • Comes with own SD card
  • Will not require desktop computers/laptops
  • Has USP port for voluntary connection to laptops/computers
  • Includes cable connector
  • Can operate with iPad through Apple iPad camera connection kit (sold individually)


The ION Film 2 SD Plus from ION Audio is capable of changing a range of film and slide negatives into digitized images. However, it cannot shift printed images. It includes a good image sensor which is able to take a digital image of media you have on hand and transmit the images straight into an SD card. Even though it does not have any built-in memory, the package comes with its own 1 GB SD card.

The unit has a well-constructed feel and it has visible, clear buttons that are used to provide power for the converter. The device takes an image and cruises throughout a range of menus. It has a 2.5-inch screen which is sizable enough and users can see and play back the pictures and steer throughout menus straight on the unit.

In case you want more storage, the unit can readily accommodate SD cards with the memory of up to 32 GB. It is portable, has a sleek design and is quite lightweight too, which makes moving and storing them around much easier.

The item comes with a TV jack, plus some analog cables in case you want to see the slides on your TV or computer by means of the converter. It comes with exposure, color balance, and automatic focus settings so you can edit your images after conversion. The on hand image editing option is limited though, but you can still tweak with the image’s brightness or red/blue/green composition.

An advantage of using the ION Film 2 SD is that it can be used as is and will not require a desktop computer or a laptop to operate. It also comes with an SD card and lets users save their pictures or transmit them to a computer or laptop if they want to.

And since the package comes with an SD card, you can use it immediately. But if you have plans to convert or store lots of images, the SD card’s size might not be enough since the converter’s resolution output only comes at 14 MP. Hence, if you plan on using it regularly, it is suggested that you buy another compatible SD card.

The device comes with a few accessories too apart from the film and slide containers and the SD card. It has a cleaning brush eliminating traces of dust and dirt that have accumulated on the slides and film negatives.

The USB cable that is included in the package lets users connect the unit to a laptop or desktop computer and save the images into an album or share them online. The unit also comes with a regular manual and instruction guide plus a compact disc which has basic image editing software.

The unit includes plastic containers which users can utilize to get the separate slides or film strips on which will be converted by the device. The frames are not labeled based on the size but some fiddling here and there will get you accustomed to the procedure. But worry not since it does have directions for the manner in which users have to enter the film and slide into the conversion bay.

The whole setup of the device is simple and even beginner users will get the hang of it easily. It is quite user-friendly and users will be able to capture their slides and negatives without any effort. It also includes several automated elements to its scanning procedure that will prove to be a boon or a bane based on your requirements for the concluding scan.

The device makes use of auto focus, auto color correction, auto balance, among other. This is a good addition for individuals who do not want to edit their images after the scans but also provides an avenue for users who want to make edits on the resulting scans. As for the speed of the scanning process, it is very fast and it takes around 2-3 seconds for each slide scan.


In the event that you want to shift film and slides into a digitized form, you can push through with this with 35 mm negatives or 126 films, and the device will convert it. But the device does not have the capability to scan printed images. Thus, if you want a unit that can do such feature, you may have to look for another converter. The device cannot convert Super 8 film as well.

Furthermore, it might be a tad too small for some individuals. Some users may have issues with the smallness of the color preview window where one can see preview pictures and the scan progress.


The ION Audio ION Film 2 SD Plus is a neat device for those who are not really into photography but rather in refurbishing older images and vintage pics. If you want to have a nice archive of your family’s images, or you need it for a project or a job, then this wonderful device will do it for you. But if you want something that can scan printed photos as well, you may have to look for other units.

Then again, this is a great recommendation for individuals who want to overhaul old films and slides for archiving. This is a portable, good-looking and highly functional item to have around.

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