MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner Review

For users who are often on the move and are required to bring with them a scanner, portable ones will work best. Compact, travel-friendly scanners are usually lightweight to make transporting the item easier to do. They are also quick to work and can be kept in traveling bags or briefcases.

One example of a portable, travel-friendly scanner model is the Cindy MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner. Here is our review of the product.


  • Able to scan documents, handwritten transcriptions, receipts and business cards
  • Allows sharing of scans by means of JPEG and searchable PDF files
  • Compact and ideal for travel
  • Comes with a range of resolutions—300 x 300 DPI standard, 600 x 600 DPI medium and 900 x 900 DPI high
  • Measures 10.86″ x 1.97″ x 1.45″
  • Weighs 0.6 lbs.
  • Windows and Mac OS compatible
  • Needs micro SD card up to 32 GB
  • Includes optical character recognition (OCR) software for converting and editing scans


The majority of portable scanners make use of reflective scanning. This means the device lights the document and captures a picture of it. A good portable scanner has enough resolution in order to scan images and documents properly, like the iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner. The model has a good range of resolution; for standard documents with simple text, the unit has 300 x 300 DPI.

For photographs and items with a more complicated color scheme, it has medium and high-resolution features. It is always crucial to inspect the optical resolution of a scanner since it measures the physical resolution of the picture’s image sensors.

The majority of scanners are capable of dealing with regular letter-sized documents. The iScan Wand is a portable model which makes scanning easier for on the go individuals.

As soon as you are finished with your documents, you may have to transfer the files to a laptop or a desktop computer. Lots of portable scanners allow its users to scan straight to the hard drive of the PC by means of a USB connection. From here, they can then save the images or scanned documents into PDF or JPEG files. The iScan Wand is one of those models with OCR or optical character recognition that creates searchable text files.

The iScan Wand is a document scanner so it has a lamp that is fixed and the document has to be pulled past the lamp of the device during the scan, one at a time. The document is rather moved past the lamp; thus, the document scanners often have portable, compact sizes.

The unit is significantly compact and has a lighter weight which makes it appropriate for travel. This is for the user who is always mobile and needs a quality scanner to work with.

The device is capable of scanning a good range of documents, from handwritten notes, business cards, receipts and more. It also makes sharing information and scans with other users more convenient by means of searchable PDF files or JPEG files. This is a compact model that has a good range of resolutions so it can handle all kinds of items, from simple text documents down to photographs.

The model includes its own 8 gig micro SD card and it can contain a 32 GB card. It also comes with a carry bag, cleaning sheets and calibration. This is a quality product for a portable scanner type since it makes fast, smooth scans that have great quality.

It is recommended for scanning documents and photos, plus it works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It was also easy to use, so for users who want a simple, beginner-friendly product, they should remember to check this one out.


Even though the iScan Wand has its advantages, it was not safe from a few setbacks. While it worked fast and was able to accommodate a good range of image and document sizes, the device consumed lots of battery power, so the batteries have to be replaced after just a short period of use. You have to have a steady supply of batteries for it if you plan on using it regularly.

Furthermore, while it was able to provide high-quality scans, it appears that it can only scan photographs and documents. Any item that has a thicker volume was not able to go through the scanning procedure.

Lastly, users have to keep in mind that document scanners are not able to feed material that has unusual shapes by means of a feeder. This kind of scanner is not also designed to manage documents that have a wider scope than a legal paper sheet.


When selecting a portable scanner model, users have to first find out what kind of items they want to scan and where they will be doing the scanning procedures. Those who travel regularly will wish to reduce the accessories and weight of a product. For those who want to use the scanner at home, they may go after a bigger model that has a nice range of flexible features.

The MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner is a nice portable scanner that will suit the needs of the mobile and oft-traveling businessman. It is capable of managing full-color, high-res and BW document and photograph scans in a fast and smooth manner. Users can hook it to a tablet, laptop or a desktop computer and it works with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Weight is a factor that plenty of travelers often have to take into consideration when it comes to products. Portable devices are always great options for the regular traveler since they have a compact size and are usually lightweight.

So if you are an individual who plans on moving a lot while doing business and need a good, highly-functional portable scanner you can take with you anytime and anyplace, then this model from MSRM is something you must consider checking out. It is capable of producing good output, is quite light and has a sleek, great design. It’s much recommended for traveling or for folks who need a portable document scanner.

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