Scanning your photos is something you would want to do perfectly. This means that nothing can come to your aid better than a portable and easy to use photo scanner. The Pandigital photo scanner is a personal scanner with amazing features. It is easy to operate, and does not even require a PC.

Features of the pandigital photo scanner

It works with many card formats 

This photo scanner is equipped with a five in one reader which accepts the following cards SD/ MSPRO/MS/XD/MMC. The other plus is its compatibility with latest versions of various operating systems such as Mac, and windows.

Scans directly to an SD card

It is not necessary that you own a PC in order to work with the photo scanner. It is designed with a built in memory card slot that lets you save your photos directly to any of the supported card formats once you have scanned them. If you own a computer and would not want to scan directly to a memory card then the USB cable allows you to save scanned photos directly to your PC.

It has a compact and portable design

Its compact design makes it easy to carry around. You can therefore be sure to get the services of your pandigital photo scanner anywhere anytime. Be it at home, your office or when attending events with friends and family.

Scans at a resolution of 600 dpi

This resolution is fine and produces good quality for small prints. Normally the smaller the picture is, the higher the resolution in terms of pixels per inch or dots per inch. This can be explained by the diminishing viewing distance.

Can scan photos comfortably up to 8.5 x 11” and is backed up by a one year warranty.

Pros of the photo scanner


Its small and compact sizes is an advantage to those who envy digital photo scanners that they can use everywhere they go.

Easy to use

You do not have to be tech savvy to work with the Pandigital photo scanner. Its mode of operation is quite straightforward, which only requires you to insert a memory card into the slot at the back, switch on the scanner and feed your image.

High speed scanning 

As much as we want to have our photos ready, scanning is no fun at all as such the faster it is done the better. A speed of around 30 seconds is not bad considering the high resolution required.

Convenient to use

Imagine getting your favorite images scanned without the necessity of a PC. This is what the Pandigital photo scanner accords you. Note that a PC is also an additional investment.

It is also very convenient to use if you need to archive email or print your photos. This is attached to its ability to produce standard JPG files. These files can be edited, archived and even mailed to other people.


Some customers complained about the quality of the scanned photos. They should note that the pandigital photo scanner is intended for people who want something portable and easy to use. A scanner that can help them rekindle some special moments of life either personally or with friends and family. So if you use it to scan the right image size then you will never regret the quality.


This scanner is a great portable product for the general consumer. Its speed is also awesome for small prints. There is nothing more enjoyable than the one touch scanning offered by the Pandigital photo scanner. With the 600 dpi resolution it is able to scan photos of up to 8.5 x 11 inch. You are guaranteed a digital photo file that will last for ages.

When you purchase your pandigital photo scanner from amazon be sure to check that the box has the following;

Personal photo scanner Calibration card

Scan to PC software SD card

Power adaptor Quick start guide

Sensor cleaning swab User guide

USB cable Power adapter

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