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Photo scanners are very important electronic equipment used by thousands of people around the globe. Most photo scanners usually provide photo friendly features such as high resolution and ability to scan transparencies such as slides, photo prints as well as negatives.

In addition to that, photo scanners also have in built software that helps to make photos more appealing by helping to remove scratches as well as retouch scans. So are you looking for a reliable photo scanner that delivers quality results to help you achieve your daily photo scanning tasks? Are you looking for a small photo scanner that is durable? If yes then today you are in the right place because in this article, we are going to review top 4 best small photo scanners sold by number one online retailer in the world- Amazon.

  1. Epson perfection V800 photo.

Although the Epson perfection V800 is a flatbed scanner, this photo scanner has amazing features that can enable you get high quality, high resolution photos. This photo scanner can handle both positive and negative films including slides in sizes ranging from 35mm up to 10 inches. If you are looking for a high quality scan, then this is one of the best small photo scanner to choose when you shop from Amazon

  1. Canon Cano Scan LiDe 120 color image scanner

This is photo scanner is one of the latest design released by Canon which is one of the leading electronic company in the world. This photo scanner best suits those people who are looking for a scanner that can scan photographic prints but don’t want to pay an extra coin for a film scan or those who don’t want to scan slides or film. This photo scanner has a warranty of two years meaning that it if you buy this photo scanner then you should expect it to serve for long period of time. It also delivers high quality clear photos.

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  1. Epson perfection V550 photo color scanner.

The Epson perfection V550 photo color scanner not only enables you to make high quality films scans and photos but it is also one or the few small photo scanners that allows you to scan photos directly from cloud based sites as well as Facebook. This scanner also has the ability to scan multiple 35mm films or slides at the same time ensuring that you getting high quality photos.

  1. Epson perfection V850

This is one of best photo scanner available in the market today. It will give you high quality professional scanning photographic film for both negative and positive. It is arguably one of the best scanners to choose if you want the best possible photo sand. It is also equipped with in built sophisticated software that can enable the user to get high quality scanned photos.

In conclusion, the above mentioned best small photo scanners are actually one of the best in market and you can get them from Amazon. All of the above listed photo scanners will give you high quality performance if you are a photo buff. However, you will be the one to make the final decision on which one to choose.

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