Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner Review

The Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner comes with a wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner. As you may expect from modern devices, the scanner doesn`t require any specialized software. This is why you can just plug it into a computer and use it straight away.

With so many advanced features, the Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner is not only easy to use but it can come with multiple functions such as with the scanning mode. This is where you can select between the automatic scanning function and trigger scanning. This way you can choose between the function according to your needs. Such situations are perfect if you are scanning more and more products.

One of the most appreciated features of the scanner comes with the connectivity choices. You can choose between the USB and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Since these are the main connectivity options you can balance them according to your available solutions. Many computers don`t have the Bluetooth option and in this case, you will have to opt for the wired alternative.


  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic scanning mode
  • 10m visual range


  • Easy to use
  • Android and iOS onscreen keyboard
  • Automatic data scan
  • Compatible with most operating systems


  • Battery could use improvement


The 2 in 1 construction of the device is perfect for wired or wireless use. You can choose between the USB 2.0 connectivity and the wireless Bluetooth connectivity. For the USB connectivity, you don`t need to install additional software as you can use the scanner straight away. If you want to use the wireless connectivity you will have to ensure your computer supports the Bluetooth technology.

A good tip is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter which can add the technology to your computer if you need the wireless function and you don`t have this feature with your computer. Many new users might be wondering what happens when the device gets out of range and if the data is lost. The good news is that you won`t lose any data as the readings will synchronize with the computer when you get back in the range.

One of the biggest issues with the Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner comes with the battery life. Fortunately, the problem was fixed with the upgraded version. The new version uses a larger battery which can last for up to 10 days. This is why you should make sure you buy the upgraded version as you could benefit from the large 1800mAh battery.

One of the advanced features of the scanner comes with the FedEx function. This allows you to scan the packages of the company and can be a great addition for those who work at or with the company for package transfer.

So what can you expect in the package? The good news is that the barcode scanner comes with everything you need for optimum performance. You will receive the wireless laser scanner, of course. But you will also get a Bluetooth adapter. This is the perfect combination for the users who don`t have the technology with their computers.

It saves you the hassle of buying additional adapters as you get everything you need in the pack to start scanning as soon as possible. You will also receive the power adapter and one USB cable. Together with the user manual, you will have the required equipment and knowledge to use the device


When compared against theEsky ES017 Handheld USB Wired Barcode Scanner, the Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner comes with more versatility, better technology and a more up to date product which can serve multiple businesses. It lacks the impact absorption functionality of the Esky ES017 and this is why you will have to use it with a strap if you plan to scan codes in a higher position.

Overall, you will get a better Bluetooth functionality which will allow you to connect to your smartphone as well. But you will also see that the Esky ES017 doesn`t come with the automatic scanning function which can be switched to manual scanning.

This is why the Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner can be the better option for those users who need to switch the function according to the scanning volume. Together with other advanced functionalities and even the upgraded battery life, the scanner can represent the better option or more advanced using needs.


The Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner is one of the complete scanning options on the market. Although it is in the affordable range, it comes with some advanced functions which might prove useful in busy environments. Businesses like supermarkets, shops or warehouses might benefit from switching between the wired and wireless connectivity.

The connectivity benefits seem to bring a much-needed versatility to the barcode reader. The wired function might allow for fast USB 2.0 data transfer. The Bluetooth connectivity is perfect for more freedom of movement.

The good news is that even if you are going outside the area of the Bluetooth connectivity, you can still continue scanning. Many users fear data loss, but the device will synchronize with the computer once you get back in the range and in the meantime, it will save the data directly on the scanner itself.

The Upgraded 2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 Barcode Scanner uses some interesting technologies which are perfect for high-volume use. One of the drawbacks of the device comes with the lack or shock absorption. But if you use the scanner in regular conditions, you should be on the safe side.

If you have to use the scanner in high positions, such as in larger warehouses, you will need to use a safety strap which will keep youaway from any accidents. With the battery upgrade, the device is perfect for those looking for more independence with up to 10 days of continuous use.

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