Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader The Best Fingerprint Scanner

It is scary to think that once your laptop gets stolen, anyone can view your files—even if it is password protected. In this day and age, a simple password hack can do the trick. You might even get surprised that a seven-year-old can accomplish such a hack.

That is why it is so handy to use fingerprint scanners to gain access to your computers or laptops. Not only is it for safety, but it is also for convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice to just scan your fingerprint for all types of log-ins? No more stress in remembering passwords. No more account resets.

In this article, we are going to review the Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader. It has been branded as the best in the market, and we are surely going to find out if that is true. Read on to learn about its features, and its corresponding advantages and disadvantages.


This fingerprint scanner is not something that sits close to a USB port. It has a long cable, and it demands space in your work area. Although you have to provide a designated area for the device, it does not really take too much space. Definitely, it is larger than the portable ones.

  • This is compatible with operating systems of Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is especially easy to work with Windows Hello.
  • It also has the free edition of the Roboform, which is the password manager for log-ins using fingerprints for various applications and sites.
  • You only need one fingerprint in order for you to access your computer or laptop.
  • It has a slide sensor that is made of silicon, which in turn is encased in a metal housing.
  • It comes with a CD that has the quick start guide and drivers.
  • It will not work on Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Radio frequency that is set to low power is used to read the fingerprint.
  • It can read all types of fingerprints, even those with skin problems or conditions.
  • It can work in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.


  • It is easy and fast to install if you are computer savvy. Especially when you are using Windows 10, it can install automatically. This is also the case with the needed drivers.
  • The device itself is very sturdy and durable.
  • The scanner is fast and accurate.
  • The base of the device is sturdy and is supported by footpads, so it will not scratch the surface.
  • Integration with Roboform is easy, just as long as you purchase the full version.
  • It works well with LastPass.
  • Even if you have a dirty finger, it can still properly scan your fingerprint.
  • The technical support of the brand is very efficient and friendly. They will stay on the line until you are all set up.


  • The make of the wire may not be of high quality because of the fact that you sometimes have to plug and unplug the device for it to be detected by your computer or laptop.
  • The main software does not support logins in websites and applications. You have to get the Roboform or download a different software.
  • The brand is not consistent with its claim that it supports Windows 7. Truly, it is just a matter of hit or miss.
  • The pack lacks proper instructions that you are left with no choice but to call technical support.
  • The software access that you get from the get-go has limits. In due time, you need to purchase the full package for the device to scan properly.

Summary of the Features

The Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader is a fingerprint scanner that is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. You can also use it when you have Windows Hello. Further, this device has a cable that you can plug into any USB port. Thus, you have to make space for this scanner.

The set up is really easy if you are tech savvy; however, the pack that you get lacks simple instructions for people who are new to installing external devices. You still have to download separate drivers for the device to work. Additionally, the main software does not support log-in access to applications and websites.

Remarkably, this device is very sturdy and durable as the housing is made of metal and the slide sensor has a silicon pad. The sensor, being a sensitive one, also makes for a fast and accurate fingerprint scan, even if you have oily or dirty fingers. The same goes if you have a skin condition.

Comparison with the BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader

Both the BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader and the Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader have the same idea. They are fingerprint scanners that have cables, in such a way that the scanner is front and center when it is used. However, they differ in terms of functionality.

For the BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader, its sensor is very weak. It is so weak that the ratio of fingerprint scanning success is nine out of 10. These numbers are terrible. Why use a fingerprint scanner that cannot scan, right?

On the other hand, the Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader is truly a winner in terms of scanning a fingerprint. Not only do you not need to wipe your dirty or oily finger, but also, your fingerprint can be detected even if you have a skin issue.

In such cases as this, the looks, portability, and usability of the device take a back seat, since the most important thing to note is if the device works as it is supposed to—which is to scan fingerprints.


The Verifi P2000 Fingerprint Reader is the best fingerprint scanner on the market. However, it is not the most honest of brands. As we have mentioned earlier in the cons, there are instances that the software will not work because you need to purchase the premium pack. Now, this fact was not mentioned in their advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Another big flaw is the claim that it can support Windows 7 when in reality, the device cannot consistently pair well with that operating system.

In spite of these disadvantages, the device is still the fastest and most efficient fingerprint scanner. So just take note that you have to buy the whole software pack, and to be safe, upgrade to Windows 10.

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