Visioneer Mobility Portable Color Document Scanner Review

People often opt for document scanners for a very simple reason, to get rid of the stacks of documents from their table. Converting those files, receipts and bills into digital files and making space for your own convenience in the work table is crucial for maximizing the workspace.

Another great advantage of digitizing files and documents is that document searching and organizing operations is fairly easier to carry out through a search on the computer rather than scuffling with the paper piles.


The document scanner from Visioneer is capable of connecting with smartphones and also acts like a USB flash drive if connected to a PC interface. The added feature of the scanner that allows the user to take a look at the scanned document is a unique feature indeed.

Advanced attributes

The scanner is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery pack that allows the user to scan about 300 pages after a full charge. For storage of the scanned files, the retail package contains a 2 GB memory card.

On top of that, the scanner is also equipped with USB 3.0 port that allows the user to plug in a USB flash drive or for connecting the same to a computer interface as per their convenience.

User-friendly operation

Carrying out the scanning operation is way too easy. By simply turning on the scanner, one needs to select the type of document they want to scan and make sure the file format is selected correctly.

The scanner is capable of scanning color JPG image files and save them in either b/w PDF files or a color PDF file for security.

All of the scanned documents are reproduced at fairly high resolution due to the scanner’s capability of scanning documents at 300 ppi. The absence of an Automatic Document Feeder is a downside but that doesn’t mean that the whole scanning operation needs human intervention.

Simply put the document in the front slot, the scanner will sense the same and feed it in automatically and scan it.

Functional software bundle

Handpicked set of functional software bundle come packed in a CD in the retail package. Installation on the PC is completely optional and is not at all necessary for carrying out basic document scanning operations.

The Nuance OmniPage 15 is an OCR or Optical Character Recognition software that enables the scanner converting scanned text documents into readable PDF formatted files. The BizCard 5 SE, on the other hand, is meant for scanning business cards and the Nuance PaperPort Professional 12 is software that enables advanced document management.


The document scanner is at par with the competing products and brands in terms of performance. Even if the product lacks the basic feature of an automated document feeder (ADF), this particular downside is blurred by the overall performance of the scanner.

The scanner is capable of scanning documents at a resolution of 300 ppi and can scan documents that are similar to the size of a full-size letter. The illuminating device used by the scanner is that of an LED light source, therefore, it minimizes the scanning time due to the absence of warm up time.

Wireless Scanning Capability

Wireless scanning of documents and transferring the files to the pc, tablet or smartphones via Wi-Fi is possible by the scanner. This can be carried out by attaching an Eye-Fi card that is not included in the product package.

The Eye-Fi is simply a memory card that has built in Wi-Fi receiver in it. The scanned images and files are sent through Wi-Fi by making the use of the cellular network wirelessly to online destinations like Picasa, DropBox etc


  • Capable of scanning receipts, documents, plastic ID cards, business cards photos etc.
  • Can connect with portable devices like tablets, smartphones, USB Flash Drive or SD card
  • Computer interface is not required for carrying out scanning operations
  • Can scan 300 pages of documents at a single charge
  • Equipped with AutoLaunch feature that kick starts the scanning operation as soon as the document is inserted
  • Wireless mode of operation for extreme portability


  • The scanned file format needs to be carefully selected based on the type of file that needs scanning

How does the product serve your needs?

The Visioneer Document Scanner makes the use of OmniPage which is OCR software that enables the scanner to scan a text document into readable PDF files. The scanner is capable to read fonts as small as 8 points in the basic font styles like Times New Roman.

Scanning business cards and plastic ID cards is a breeze with the Mobility. The easy synchronization of the scanner with the mailing platforms like Windows Live makes the same an ideal document scanner that goes the extra mile for the convenience of the user

How is the product different from its competitors?

By comparing the Visioneer Mobility Mobile Color Cordless Scanner with Brother DS-720D, it is clear that the former holds a greater advantage over the latter in terms of functionality and operational convenience. The portable scanner from Brother is bulky and is more preferable for desktop operations while the one from Visioneer is made for the more mobile individuals.

The document scanner is capable of scanning documents without making the use of a computer interface. It also enables the user to see the scanned document in their mobile devices that is indeed a feature which makes the product stand out.


The Mobility document scanner from Visioneer is a boon for the individuals struggling with their piles of paperwork and official documents. The ability to scan documents on the spot and save the same into searchable and manageable digital formats in mobile devices or to the cloud is a Unique Selling Point for the product on its own.

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