Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner Review

In every business, having a scanner is a must. A scanner is a great way of transferring your physical photos and documents on a computer without losing its quality.

It is also very useful because it lets you organize important paperwork, receipts, and business cards. This saves you the trouble of having to sort through each file one by one and having to make a lot of space for all of them.

What happens though when you are not at home and you are in need to email a certain paperwork to your boss or coworkers? It is impossible and impractical to bring your flatbed scanner with you most especially your all-in-one printer as they are too big and too heavy.

It will definitely not fit in your luggage and there is a possibility that it may get damaged as well. Thankfully, we live in a time where portable scanners exist.

What are Portable Scanners and What Does It Do?

Just from the word “portable”, you may already have an idea as to what it is. It is basically a scanner that is small enough for you to easily carry it wherever you go. Almost any professional today, especially those who does business trips have this device.

It is so convenient to use and can be used just by the use of one hand. Some portable scanners can be plugged in while most are battery-operated. Depending on the type of portable scanner you have, the photos or documents you scan can be stored in a memory card or can be connect to your computer via USB.

As a matter of fact, there are even mobile scanners that lets you scan both sides of a document at once which can save you time and automatic document feeders that lets you scan paperwork hands-free.

Qualities to Look for in a Portable Scanner


The Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner PDSDK-ST470-VP comes with a lot of features that people would find very useful. It is very easy to use, small, and it is also lightweight; perfect for the on-the-go businessmen and women. Below is a list of all its awesome features:

  • Handheld portable wand scanner
  • It can scan photos, fabrics, receipts, certificates, book pages, business cards, and more
  • USB connection
  • Files can be saved on a microSD or microSDHC memory card of up to 32 GB (not included)
  • Comes in multiple colors: black, red, chevron, purple, and turquoise
  • The built-in lithium polymer battery is researchable and can do up to 400 scans when fully charged
  • Preview screen is 1.5 in. colored LCD: allows you to check your scans to ensure that you have captured every detail that you need
  • Has a power saving feature
  • Auto color correct and white balance
  • Multiple resolution settings: 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 900 dpi, and 1200 dpi
  • Paperport14 software which lets you organize your scans on the computer easily
  • Comes with a docking station which allows you to do hands-free scanning and can also be used as a charging port
  • Its dimensions are 13.2 x 3.2 x 2.1 in. and weighs 1.4 lbs.
  • Compatible with both PC and MAC
  • Comes with an a/c USB adapter, protective sleeve, and dust wiper


This portable scanner is very handy tool that you can take anywhere you go. It has a lot of awesome qualities anyone would want to have in a scanner. Here is a list of its pros:

  • Easy to use and scans photos fairly fast
  • Very affordable and does what it is supposed to do
  • The scans’ quality are great and clear even at the lowest resolution setting
  • Small enough to be stored easily in your laptop bag, backpack, and even your handbag
  • The Paperport14 software lets you edit your scans on the computer
  • The manual and instructions that comes with the package is easy to follow and understand
  • You can easily scan long documents that some desktop scanners can’t


Same with other products, the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner has a few flaws. Below is a list of its cons:

  • The LCD screen is too small which makes sense since this scanner is very portable
  • Does not scan negatives
  • Scanning without the dock can take a little while to get used to
  • You may have to wipe the scanner at least every 100 scans especially when you are scanning photos because dirt/lines can appear on your scanned files
  • Memory card is not included so you have to purchase one yourself

Possible Alternative

A great alternative for this scanner is the Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner. This scanner more modern and high-tech than the one from Vupoint Solutions as you can connect to it wirelessly. It is compatible with almost any device like smartphones, laptops, tablets, Mac, and Windows. It is also a little smaller which makes it more compact.

What makes them similar is that this scanner is rechargeable as well. A great feature this has is the collapsible automatic paper feeder that can scan 8 documents or photos at a time.

Also, it lets you easily store your scanned files automatically to cloud applications like Dropbox, OneNote, and Evernote. A downside of this particular scanner is that it does not have an LCD preview screen and its max dpi is only 600. It is also much expensive than the Vupoint Magic Wand.


A scanner is a must-have for any businessman. With the constant travel that comes with their jobs, scanning important documents can be tricky. Taking their flatbed scanner with them is not an option at all as it too big and heavy.

Thankfully, there are now portable scanners that are as light as a feather and you can easily take anywhere. So if you are looking for a portable scanner to accompany you in your business trips or you just prefer having a small scanner instead of bulky ones, you may want to consider the Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner.

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