WGHL Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner Review

The document scanner is an electronic device which converts paper text or documents into digitized form. It is a convenient invention since it decreases time and effort to change data from printed material to digitized ones.

Now if you want something more portable compared to a traditional scanner for scanning documents, you can always opt for a compact scanner. The WGHL Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner is one example of this.


  • Able to scan documents, handwritten notes, receipts and business cards
  • Allows users to share data and scans by means of JPEG files and searchable PDF files
  • Lightweight and good for traveling
  • Comes with good selection of resolutions; standard 300 X 300 DPI, medium 600 X 600 DPI and high 900 X900 DPI
  • Measures 10.86″ x 1.97″ x 1.45″
  • Weighs 0.6 lbs.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS
  • Needs micro SD card up to 32 GB


Portable document and image scanners have a good range of types; they can be pen types or handheld wand types like the WGHL Want portable document scanner model. The unit is lightweight, has a compact form and is ideal for individuals who are always mobile. This device is designed in order to scan a whole page of text or specific segments of a document with good quality and accuracy.

The majority of portable document scanners operate by means of batteries or USB connections which contribute to their portable attribute. That way, users won’t be obligated to bring with them an AC adapter every time they travel.

The manner in which the scanner performs the process creates a distinction between the different kinds of portable document scanners. A wand type scanner, like this WGHL model, can scan a particular part of a document or page at the preference of the user.

Lots of businesses today make an effort to go through lots of paperwork to accommodate customer data. Because of the usual huge number of documents to take in, starting or managing projects can be slow and tedious. Scanning documents into digitized form makes work easier, fast and convenient. Thus, having a portable document scanner around is always an advantage.

Scanned documents can be searchable and found quickly by means of using simple keywords; therefore, users won’t have to deal with lots of paperwork anymore just to search for a particular document. Since it’s already stored on the computer, looking for it is a breeze.

Organizing documents is also made more convenient. Users can store files by name, date and more. By producing a folder or making use of the computer’s search features, discovering that specific scanned file will be accomplished in a timely manner.

Scanned documents can also be distributed easily among other staff in the office at a faster rate. Xeroxing documents and then allocating the items to the rest of the staff, for example, would be more laborious and timewasting compared to scanning images and documents.

Scanning will also allow users to save money and time. It can be saved and then stored securely on the desktop computer, so this makes the documents and files easier to find while saving paper as well. So to summarize, having a portable document scanner like this WGHL model is convenient, practical and a wise investment.

The WGHL is a nice mobile scanning device for individuals who are required to scan a broader range of documents. It is lightweight, has a compact design, can be stored in a carry bag or a laptop bag and it operates by means of a USB port so users can scan anywhere they wish, even when there is no AC source on hand.

The device is designed for business use. Users will be able to scan, save files and send crucial information wherever their work takes them. It is a flexible unit and can be used to scan receipts, plastic identification cards and paper documents with a size of 8.5 inches by 14 inches and more. You can scan them straight into searchable PDF and emails, among others.

Users can send the scanned documents to the computer by means of the software included in the package. The device also allows for editing images—users can take away holes from scanned printed matter, auto size docs, improve the quality of text and correct the form of an image. Plus, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, so it makes for a good, flexible device.

The battery that comes with the unit is rechargeable so you will save up on battery use with this. You won’t have to worry about using up spare ones. It is user-friendly too; the display was beneficial as well since navigation and selecting options are made easier.

When it comes to the scanning quality, the output is quite good, just as long as you remember not to shift the paper down too quickly. It has a scanning width that is more than A4, so it’s very handy and able to accommodate bigger printed material.

If you want to change between JPEG and PDF formats, all you have to do is tip a button. Tip another in case you want to shift between a High and Low Mid scanning quality. The device is well-constructed and is made of durable materials too, which is actually needed, being designed and marketed as a portable device. It has to bear the brunt of constant traveling.


One distinct drawback of a portable document scanner is that it cannot accommodate scanning at higher volumes without the help of a human. You have to be there in order to accomplish the process and you cannot leave the device alone.


Making digitized forms of your documents provide peace of mind, convenience, information protection and improved security for businesses and other activities. A scanned image or document can be saved and stored securely in an online document management setup complete with security access.

The documents can be shared expediently as well with other users in a number of locations; hence, offering good, secure and versatile access. A portable scanner like the WGHL Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner makes this happen. Highly recommended for a wand type scanner.

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