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NeatDesk is designed to make your life easier by removing the piles of documents cluttering your desk and organising them neatly on your computer. In other words, it’s an advanced filing system perfect for those with document-heavy workloads. With its duplex scanning capabilities (meaning you can scan a document on both sides at the same time), you can scan up to twenty-four pages a minute, and with the ability to scan documents up to 30” in length, you can scan anything from business cards to small posters – in colour or black and white.

The clever NeatDesk software then identifies and organizes essential information in a way that works for you, so all of your filing is done without you even lifting a finger. The software also integrates a keyword functionality, affording you the ability to search specific words and find the correct documents quickly and easily, which certainly beats flipping through page after page at home, or even struggling to find a specific document scanned in a one-dimensional image format. By storing your documents in a secure server on the cloud, you will always have access to them, wherever you happen to be in the world, and with advanced encryption methods at work, there’s never a risk of data being hacked or stolen.

The software also allows you to send key information to whatever accounting software it is you use to manage expenses, where it will automatically organise itself and give you a clear overview of your finances, whether personal or business-related. Keeping accurate records of expenses can be a thankless task, so this features proves to be incredibly valuable to users.

How to scan your documents

There are a number of ways to scan in your documents – chiefly, by using NeatDesk’s own superior hardware which supports exemplary scanning capabilities. There are different models to choose from which offer varying functions. Neat Receipts, Neat Desk, and the most popular model, Neat Connect. This allows you to scan your documents with duplex capabilities and then send them directly to the secure cloud server without even connecting to a computer, via WiFi. This means you can be sitting with no computer and a stack of twenty-four pages one minute, and the next they are all neatly filed in the ether for you to manage and use whenever you need.

But you can also employ NeatDesk’s software by scanning via other sources, such as third party scanners from other manufacturers (although they don’t come with the same features), or even using your smartphone. With the NeatDesk app installed, simply take a photo of the document you wish to scan, and the software will automatically align it correctly and analyse the key information for your records.This can come in very useful for receipts; if you’re fed up with keeping all of them in an unorganised box, simply snap a photo of it after dinner and the file will thereafter always be neatly stored for you to look up when you need it.

Extra Features

Another ‘neat’ feature from NeatDesk is a function called Neat Verify. This is an optional extra depending on the subscription chosen which will ensure with 99% accuracy that the data NeatDesk automatically extracted from your scanned documents was correct. If there is a particular document which is more important than the rest and accuracy is absolutely essential, Neat Verify works as an extra layer of security to put your mind at ease.

The NeatDesk software’s ability to analyse keywords from your documents is really useful, of course, but what happens if you’ve scanned an image or a photograph? You may still need to search and find it quickly, but there are no keywords for it to latch onto. Fear not: NeatDesk also allows you to tag textless images with keywords of your choice, so say you had scanned a photograph of your family on holiday in Arizona in the 90s, you could simply tag it with ‘family, Arizona, 1995’, and the software would pick it up immediately.

NeatDesk is changing the landscape of scanning, which up until now had strangely remained in a rather primitive stage. Scanners were always just an extra function of a printer. Now we have the ability to practically run our businesses on one exceptional marriage of hardware and software.

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