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Technology keeps on evolving and at a pace that most businesses and even consumers are not able to keep up with with. New inventions and forward innovations are the norm of the technology and information industry. Some gadgets become obsolete because better alternatives have been developed while some are rendered useless because new versions have been introduced into the market. The best example of how fast technology can evolve is in the mobile phones industry.

Smartphones are released almost on an annual basis and each time the new releases are better than the old versions with even more technologically advanced features.

So what do you do with your phone that has limited features? You sell it on eBay or store it in the drawer and buy a better one, at least that is what most people do. Phone booths disappeared almost immediately as soon as mobile phones became affordable and call costs came down. The convenience and functionality that they came with meant that phone booths would really have no purpose.

Yet there are also some devices that have managed to remain relevant and only become better with innovation. So, will people keep using scanners in five years or will it have been replaced with something else?

A scanner serves a very important function in processing and storing information. There are different models of scanners with different functionalities. To answer the question of whether scanners will still be here in five years, you really have to look at their functions and if there are better alternatives. A scanner has so many uses that it is so difficult to see how it would be obsolete in the near future.

The other reason why people will still be using scanners in five years time is that they have always evolved with technology. 3D scanners have employed the use of the latest technology to improve efficiency and increase functionality. Because of such forward innovation, scanners have continued to remain relevant and people have continued to use them. There are also different types of new scanners that are highly portable and convenient to use. Hand-held scanners have been a revelation and have made scanners even more relevant today.

Previously, scanners had very limited functions but with such forward technology, their uses have increased. It is clear to see why they will still be very much around in five years.

The only threat to the existence of scanners are smartphones. Consistently evolutionary, it is difficult to predict what they will be able to do, say in the next five years. Caltech scientists have apparently come up with a laser chip that determines the size and distance of an object by taking measurements of the laser light that is reflected off of it. Because it is only about one millimeter in size, it can be perfectly fitted in smartphones.

This can then enable the 3D scanning of images using a camera phone. It is technology that has not gained much mainstream recognition and may not come into play anytime soon. Will people keep using scanners in five years? The answer is most probably yes because there is not much indication that they’ll become obsolete by then.

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