WoneNice USB Laser Barcode Scanner Review

Barcode readers are devices that can read the information embedded in a barcode and produce the output on the screen of a computer. Similar to that of a flatbed scanner, the barcode reader consists of a light source that interprets optical signals into electrical ones.

The types of bar code readers available in the market are Laser type scanners, pen type scanners, Charged Couple Device type scanners and Camera based scanners.

WoneNice, a company based in China is offering their selective range of barcode readers. Among their latest offering is the USB Wired Laser Barcode Scanner. Its simplistic approach towards installation and functionality makes it an ideal product for departmental stores and institutions alike.

The scanner is manufactured keeping in mind the utility of the same. Speaking about the aesthetics of this device, it is made from good quality materials and the finishing is such that it offers a comfortable hold.

Before making a purchase, it will be wise to go through the detailed review that offers insights to the product features and quality standards.


Like any other modern barcode reader, this product comes with some promising features. It is sturdy and can be used to read almost every type of barcodes used across the planet.

Simple and easy to use

The product is very easy to install through the plug and play mechanism. Simple plug and play installation plays a vital role in facilitating a minimalistic approach towards the working mechanism of the reader.

The easy to use handheld and light construction of the same also adds up to the unique selling point of the product. It is only 115g in weight and the straight cable can be used over an area of 6 feet or 2 meters.

Convenient yet minimal functions

The reader is preinstalled with a buzzer and LED indicator that makes it convenient to read. While taking the input one does not need to look at the computer screen to make sure that the data is read, since if the same is not read properly the buzzer won’t go off.

One merely needs to connect the USB to the computer and install the automatic installation of the software provided with the device to start using it.

Operational conditions

The reader would work flawlessly no matter how the device is held by the user. The reader covers a range of up to 65° in elevation and comes equipped with a LASER with an intensity of 650-670 nm.

The firmware is incorporated with Intelligent AGC control that enables the reader to read a wide range of codes ranging from Code11 to Code128 and EAN-13, EAN-8 etc. the reader can also read barcode information from a source that has only 30% contrast in terms of image quality.

The reader is compatible with PS2, USB and R32 connections and complies with the National Level 2 LASER Safety Standards.


  1. Simple installation & Easy to Use
  2. Flexible to use in different workplaces & purposes
  3. Stylish and Easy to Use design
  4. Strong Buzzer indicator
  5. Compatible with all kinds of barcodes
  6. Scans pretty quickly
  7. Affordable


  1. No detailed Instructions manual
  2. Doesn’t scan Barcodes from a screen
  3. Lacks wireless option

What makes this product a better alternative?

WoneNice USB Laser Barcode Scanner comes with inbuilt features to scan across a wide range of barcodes in quick time period. The lifespan is spread across 1000s of barcodes done conveniently by the user.

The product is merely 8 ounces and is compatible via USB cable. It is fitted with the conventional LED and buzzer indicators that can be used from a distance of 2 meters from the connected computer. With a visible laser of up to 650 to 670 nm, it is not at all important to scan a particular barcode from very closely.

Hence by using this, a user can carry out large amount of scans in a pretty easy and quick time period.

The inclination angle as discussed is 55 degrees and comes with an elevation angle of 65 degrees. This makes it decent enough to scan barcodes from different angles without too much concentration or stress over the code area.

However, it is important to hold the device correctly in the right angle to ensure the codes are read instantly. Also, it can easily scan standard barcodes as well as the ones having glossy surfaces like the DVDs comfortably.

How is it better than any of its competitors?

Barcodes are virtually used in every other retail store or big brand stores. It is a one of the best tools that help in easier billing and processing system. There are several brands that offer their exclusive products fitted with some exceptional features.

Products like Esky ES015 Wired Handheld scanner do a pretty good job when it comes to scanning different kinds of barcodes. However, the gripping and angular construction of WoneNice makes it a better alternative if it’s being used for a longer period of time.

Another alternative that offers close competition to WoneNice is the Inateck USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld 1D. But the thing that gives WoneNice the edge is the speed of scanning. As specified by the company it is capable of doing 300 scans per second whereas Inateck can do the same number of scans at twice the timeperiod.


WoneNice USB Wired Laser Barcode Scanner is an attractive offering by this Chinese company that is made from decent quality materials. The company seems to have given importance to the construction of this device and ensured that it lasts rough usage for a considerable period of time.

Being offered in the budget segment, the sensors used in the barcode scanner is pretty sharp as compared to some of the other alternatives. Moreover, the range of approximately 2 meters from the computer it is attached to ensures that users are able to carry out the scans in a considerably larger space.

Overall, the product is good for regular usage at different retail and similar workplaces that require regular scanning of barcodes.

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