WoneNice Wireless Barcode Scanner and Automatic Barcode Reader Review

A barcode scanner is also known as a barcode reader and it is used in most retail outlets for reading printed barcodes and transferring the reading on a computer for billing, inventory management, etc. Almost similar to a flatbed scanner, a barcode scanner is made of a lens, a photo-senior, and a light, and it has the capacity to transcribe optical impulses into an electrical input.

Advanced scanners of this category are built with a decoder that can instantly decode barcode’s image data supplied by the sensor and transmit the related content to its output port. These bar code scanners are widely seen in use in big shops, departmental stores, as well as super markets where inventory management is an essential duty of the store administration.

Different types of barcode scanners are available in the market; however, all scanners are not up to the mark in terms of functionality and accuracy. The utility of a barcode scanner can be best assessed by its features. Let’s take a look at the ideal features of a barcode scanner.

Utility of a quality bar scanner

  • User friendliness and faster operation
  • Long range transmission
  • A quality barcode reader must work with 3-way functionality; these three are digital camera, video, and a radio
  • It is better to be durable and sturdy so that it can be handled by beginners
  • Retains charge for longer time span

Now when we know the series of features of a quality bar scanner, it is comprehensive to view a product against its set quality parameters. WoneNice Wireless Barcode Scanner cum Automatic Barcode Reader is quite recognized in the market, but let’s see its salient features at one go.

  • Easy and faster mode of operation: The barcode scanner is user-friendly due to its simplicity of operation. No need to install any software and it works fast. Support keyboard offers output in 20 different languages
  • Long ranged transmission: This scanner can deliver up to 400m transmission in free air and 100m transmission via an indoor operation. You do not need a data cable and it can be easily connected to a laptop, PC, etc.
  • Availability of two working modes: The scanner runs on 2-modes, and these two are instant upload mode and in inventory mode. By default, internal office storage permits up to 1,000,000 barcodes in an offline storage mood
  • This scanner offers the facility of scanning and storing barcode when it is away from the receiver. Once you come back you can update the data to the device or you come within the range of wireless transmission
  • Availability of network mode: The scanner works on network mode if chosen. It is compatible for transmitting data to one receiver from multiple scanners. This feature is one of the reasons users find this model as the best cost-efficient tool when it is used in retail-stores, supermarket, library, outlets, etc.
  • Compatible with different types of OS: The scanner can work with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Wide ranged Software compatibility: The scanner works with different types of software for its versatile functionality


  • Hands-free facility of scanning
  • Adjustable stand
  • Easy to install
  • Compact & portable
  • The purchase is covered by 45 days money-back and 12-month warranty
  • Auto scanning


  • Does not work beyond 10 foot detection radius
  • Cannot scan bar code displayed on screen
  • Cannot read 2D/QR bar code.

Summary of the features

WoneNice Wireless Barcode Scanner and Automatic Barcode Reader offers stable and strong signal for its users. It is empowered with a long transmission advantage that facilitates its use in a hassle-free manner. It is a user-friendly and plug-and-play gadget that can scan a barcode and decipher it simultaneously into Excel, Word, as well as a note doc. T

he gadget works with almost all operating systems; for example, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Unlike some other bar code scanners in the market, no software installation is needed to work with it. This barcode reader can read all standard 1D barcoding. This handheld type gadget comes with a USB port cable, buzzer and LED indicator, smart AGC control, and a capacity of rich decoding. It is user-friendly and can be used in a library, file management, stock tracking, POS, etc.

Comparison to similar products

WoneNice Wireless Barcode Scanner and Automatic Barcode Reader can be compared with two other models: Brainydeal USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Scanning Barcode Bar-code Reader with Hands Free Adjustable Stand and TaoTronics USB Barcode Scanner Wired Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanner Automatic Sensing and Scan Black.

In comparison with the two other popular models, WoneNice USB laser barcode scanner offers faster decoding and is more user-friendly than these two models according to existing users. This model is protected by a 45 days money back guarantee and 12-months repair and replace warranty if any manufacturing defect is seen in the gadget. Its 2-way mode is a significant advantage of using this scanning gadget.


WoneNice Wireless Barcode Scanner and Automatic Barcode Reader is an all-rounder barcode scanner tool that is user-friendly and wonderfully functional. Besides scanning, it works as a barcode reader too, which is an added advantage. Its comprehensive OS compatibility deserves a special mention and that is the reason the barcode scanner has gained great popularity.

Looks-wise smart, and built with smart design, the model is quite sturdy, which is an added advantage for users. The receiver of the scanner can be integrated with multiple barcode readers and it offers heavy duty performance in open air ambiance and close door surrounding.

WoneNice 433 MHz wireless barcode scanner is built with manual trigger and it can work continuously in two scanning modes; users can select the most appropriate mode according to their requirements. If you are looking for a good barcode scanner at the most amicable price and excellent durability, this WoneNice model deserves first priority amidst its parallel products under almost the same price range.

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