Xerox DocuMate Duplex Color Scanner Review

Scanning machines have gone enormous transition over the last decade and are built to do more than what conventional scanners could do. The leader in terms of scanning technology that has been known for its copiers since ages also features an extensive range of scanners and printers.

Xerox is the name and it comes with an innovative and highly functional produce named DocuMate 3120 Duplex Color Scanner. Built for both Windows and Mac, this scanner can scan plastic cards through the ADF one touch technology.

Scanning documents at the rate of 20 ppm as well as 40 ipm in duplex mode, this scanner is boasted with some impressive capabilities.

With features like improved scanning for documents which are hard to read to creating searchable PDF files, this document scanner also comes with European plugs for its external power supply. The following review tries to evaluate all its features and extends to offer extensive information about the product as a whole.


There are loads of features to speak about, but the ones that make this different from some of the competitors have been discussed below.

Single Touch Button

The scanner comes with a dedicated touch button that can scan, send as well as store with a single touch. It is powered by the Viosioneer OneTouch technology that supports scanning of the document to a single location as per their choice.

This means you will no longer need to carry out multiple steps for scanning the documents in the popular file formats. The button allows a user to scan the document in any of the 9 preset formats which can be easily completed in a user specified destination.

Moreover, this feature would also allow scanning the document with the right settings in terms of color, cropping, resolution and file formats. It also supports sending the scanned document automatically to pre-specified email addresses or storing in multiple destinations at the same time.

Scans even imperfect images

There are instances where users often need to scan images that are not clearly visible or lack in terms of clarity. In such cases, this scanner performs remarkably well as it uses the advanced algorithms backed by dynamic thresholding Acuity for correcting the imperfections within the document. It hence can help in improving the quality of the images with an increased OCR accuracy.

OmniPage Pro for précised OCR

This scanner has an in-built OmniPage Pro feature that offer précised OCR as well as layout retention. This will allow quick conversion of the scanned documents in editable text.

The best part about this is the fact that it can be used for editing by the use of a popular word processing, web publishing or desktop publishing program.

Transferring paper documents in form of searchable documents

Another unique featured that has been included is the PaperPort that converts paper documents into searchable digital documents. Hence, it will help in saving both time and money while combining the effectiveness of document management.

This feature can conveniently scan the documents and create PDF files for enhancing the level of operational proficiency.

A PDF Converter

The Nuance PDF converter that comes with the scanner has features like robust MS Office support, DMS integration, intuitive ease of use and a built-in intelligence. These elements contribute towards enhancement of better productivity, compliance and collaboration.


  • Can scan plastic cards through its ADF one touch technology
  • Enhanced quality of scans
  • Searchable PDF files are created making it easy to find scanned documents
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can scan 100 page documents of about 5 stacks in roughly 10 minutes
  • Affordable pricing considering advanced features included
  • Acuity and quality settings are pretty effective


  • Improper settings might crash OneTouch while scanning
  • Requires decent amount of space and access to use

What more can be expected from the DocuMate 3120?

The basic and additional features make this product capable of handling big and small scanning tasks comfortably. If you are thinking to purchase this product, things like copying, collating, filing and mailing it in a single touch will save your time.

It will also be effective for an average user who is not well versed with using advanced scanning technology. The flexibility to scan different forms of documents that range from a small credit card to an A4 sized document is supported by a 50-page Automatic Document Feeder.

Also, if there is a need to scan documents in a refined form if they are not readable, the scanner is capable of using its imagining technology and enhancing the quality standards. Hence, with this machine it will be a lot easier to retrieve some old documents that might have been damaged or torn accidentally.

How does it stack up against other similar scanning machines?

Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking and Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking is a couple of other popular products that come with some innovative features.

These include wireless printing and inclusion of ADF i.e. Automatic Document Feeder. They also perform the task of producing high quality scans by enhancing the image quality of the documents.

However, the things that makes Xerox DocuMate 3120 a better alternative is its Viosioneer OneTouch technology that enables a user to scan a document to their predefined place which can be at multiple locations and in 9 different preset formats.

By using this feature, the user can also send their scanned documents to pre-specified emails as and when the scan gets completed. Hence, there is a lot of automation that makes the process of scanning easier and quicker.


Overall the DocuMate 3120 Duplex Color Scanner intends to simplify the process of scanning by including pretty handy features. It does take some space when you keep it on your desk but is pretty light in terms of weight.

The other feature that makes it easier to cater to variety of file formats is the inclusion of automated 9 preset formats that is user configurable. Hence, it is worth an investment if you are searching for a product that fits perfectly at your office and is capable of creating high quality scans with ease.

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