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There are many varieties of scanner codes implemented in the market and you can choose to use anything that matches with your requirement. The early days of scanner codes saw the emergence of the two dimensional barcode that was usually printed on all the products in the retail stores.

Sooner, many other industries started using the same technology to code the products. A simple flat beam laser could read the contents of the bar code and the device was regularly seen across many retail stores. It is used even now in many stores across the world and you can even develop your own codes for your individual products in the stores.

This will make it easy for you to input the price and other details of the objects into the system without any manual error. There is no need to type anything into the system when the scanner code is read by the machine properly. This has its own advantages and you will be able to speed up the billing process in the retail stores. Apart from that, it will also eliminate the manual errors that keep coming into the system on a regular basis.

On the other hand, you will notice that the modern day scenario has advanced a lot from the two dimensional bar code are and it has moved into the QR code era. This has revolutionized the use of scanner code and you will notice that you can easily develop your own QR code for any product and print it seamlessly on any material.

The biggest advantage of this code comes with the fact that it can be used very easily without the need for any costly equipment. You can read the code through most smart phones and this has made it easy for many people to implement such unique codes into their tickets, bills and other important documents.

You will be surprised to know that even company addresses are coded in this format and you can easily scan them and store the entire address in your smart phone. This has eliminated the need for a separate scanning device and you will be able to use the latest phones to scan the codes.

Major varieties of scanner codes

  • Two dimensional bar code
  • Image based QR code

Applications of bar codes

There are many applications of this form of scanner code and you can even see them printed in many books and other products that you buy in the market. The simple way to scan this code is to use a scanning device that is usually found in the retail stores. The basic advantage of this type of code was to ease the process of billing in the retail outlets.

These codes are unique and it will help the store owners easily identify the details about the product without having to go through them. In this way, the billing section was able to process the bills quickly and many people started using these codes. It can be customized to suit the nature of the products sold in your outlets and you can even input the price of the object and other information into the code.

Once the data are entered into the system, there is no need to input the information every time you use similar objects. In this manner, you will just need to code the items in your store once and then use the same sticker codes on the similar products. This will allow you to scan the objects quickly with the help of a hand held scanner and you will not have any manual errors in the bill.

Applications of QR code

This has become very popular in recent times and you can even see them printed on many visiting cards. In this manner, the entire details of the person or the company can be coded into this matrix form of code and you can seamlessly decode the information by using the smart phone camera.

To begin with, you have to consider this as a unique image and the camera of your phone will take the photograph of this image and process the details using the software in the phone. In this way, you do not need separate scanning equipment which will save you lots of money. However, this is not used in the retail outlets as of now and this is more suitable for individual level scanning using the smart phone.

Many people are using the smart phone to scan the details about the tickets and other things in the market. You can integrate the same data that you find in the regular bar codes in this format and this has many applications in the entertainment industry. You can even notice security teams using such codes on the vehicles in many cases. In the same manner, you will be able to create your own image for the data and make it into a QR code.

The basic advantage of using a QR code over a bar code is that you do not need any scanning device for the QR code. You can use the smart phone and take an image of the QR code to retrieve the data. On the other hand, you will need a dedicated scanner for the barcodes.

However, the barcodes are widely used in various retail outlets as they will speed up the billing process and you will notice that they will help you to eliminate the errors in billing.

The QR codes may not be easy to read on a regular phone and you will usually need the help of a smart phone that has suitable software. The main advantage of this type of code is that you need not spend any money on buying a scanner and you can easily decode the image using your smart phone.

This will also open up new opportunities as there will be many people using their smart phones and you can seamlessly scan these images at any location without having to worry about any special equipment. In this way, you can choose any format of codes that are suitable for your business operations.

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