What Scanners Work With Windows 10

If you didn’t grow up with online storage, there is probably a large collection of photos or important files which are laying around in your house.

For safety purposes and to decrease the clutter, getting a scanner can help to make these files much easier to find. People who are interested in decreasing the amount of carbon footprint and streamlining home filing system will find that a scanner will come in handy.

Converting a physical document into digital version does not only help you to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, but it is also a great way to protect your documents from elements that can potentially ruin them. If you have any photos or receipts that you want to keep, scanning them is a great way to ensure that they will not decay.

In other words, scanning helps you to preserve documents forever. Using the right scanner is essential to ensure that you can accomplish tasks well. Let us explore different types of scanners that you can utilize for your scanning needs.


The flatbed scanner is just a device that can scan reflective material such as photos and artwork. You can also scan transparency material such as film slides. They usually come in two sizes which are A4 and A3.

The flatbed scanner resolution varies according to the scanner brand. However, you can print an A3 size image without having to worry about image degradation.


This type of scanner is getting very rare these days. However, there are still people who want to use slide scanners because they have large slides collections that they want to preserve digitally.

With better quality flatbed scanners, the usage of slide scanners is not preferred because it does not produce high-quality work. While a slide scanner can help you to scan relatively fast, the quality produced using this scanner is not the best one in the market.


This is a document scanner which can help you to decrease clutter in your home and office. Regardless of whether you are trying to go paperless or just own a portable scanner to be used on the go, getting it can be one of your best purchase.

They are a lot smaller than your full-sized desktop models, which makes them great for home usage. Depending on the model, there can be different types of portable scanners. Some of the offer options such as a detachable document feeder and or exist in the form of a smaller handheld scanner.

Factors to consider

  • Format

Depending on the document that you want to scan, you will find that different type of scanners excels in different document scanning. For example, the flatbed scanners can commonly scan A4 and A3 size document.

  • Resolution

The higher the scan resolution, the more accurate the detail that you will capture from the original document or image. This also means that you will create a larger file size by scanning them.

For scanning text, having 200 pixels per inch (PPI) is good enough. However, using 300 PPI is standard for pictures. To enlarge photos, you may need to find a higher resolution.

  • Software

Depending on your scanner provider, the software supplied will vary. However, it should basically include drivers for the Windows and Mac operating systems. There is also a possibility that some scanners also include programs for cloud integration and optical character recognition.

You should also look out for scanners, which can convert the scanned text into Word or Excel files. Converting it to PDF is also highly useful because it can make reduce the amount of time that you have to spend turning into a PDF file.

  • Compatibility

Make sure that the scanner you are interested in is compatible with your computer system because without proper compatibility, your scanner will not function well or may not function at all. Many of scanners come with software for Windows and Mac OS. Keep in mind that most of them only offer basic features for Mac compatible models.

With the recent introduction of Windows 10, more scanner manufacturers are upgrading their systems so that their products can are compatible with Windows 10. Here are several scanner brands that can work well with the Windows 10.


This is a popular scanner brand in the market which is compatible with Windows 10. You can easily use it for everyday scanning and sharing. It is also available in a portable scanner version which enables you to carry it on the go. Regardless of whether you are scanning photos or document, Epson allows you to scan directly to computers, emails, or PDFs.

Usage is also simple because you only need one USB connection for power. There is no warmup time needed for most of Epson’s scanners. This brand also offers a software which can help you to restore color to faded photos.


Using Canon scanners, you can have access to advanced features not available in many other scanners. It offers easy usage as you can upload images that you scan to online storage cloud with ease. It also has an impeccable optimal optical resolution and is capable of producing over 281 trillion possible colors.

One of the highlight features of this brand is it can help you to do an advanced image analysis and help you to correct the quality of your scanned documents.

It is also highly intuitive, which will help you to save your documents according to the appropriate settings. Easily scan, copy, and send documents using this brand’s scanner. Besides being highly compatible with Windows 10, you can also scan large items using many of Canon’s scanners. Organizing your files has never been easier with Canon.

Wrapping it up

While the role of scanners may not be as dominant as it was before due to the presence of mobile phones and online cloud storage services, it is still essential for business operations.

When keeping up with documents, there are no other tools that can do the task of scanning as well as the device itself. Therefore, proper selection of scanning device is essential to obtain the optimal result out of your day to day business transactions.

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